Udaariyaan, 21st June 2021

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The episode opens with Fateh approaching Teju and telling her not to be concerned about him. Teju informs him that I am now his daughter-in-law and it is my responsibility to look after him. Fateh later checks his phone and sees Jasmine's photo, which indicates that she is going on a date. Following that, Jasmine meets a boy named Gippy. Fateh, on the other hand, is battling his feelings.

Then he got a message from Jasmine, who said she was with Gippy. This makes him even more unhappy and upset. He is attempting to forget her, but she is finding it difficult. Then Teju appears, enraged at her for concealing Jasmine's truth from him. Teju then informs him that she attempted to hide from her since she could no longer watch him unhappy and frightened. Teju shouts at her and adds, "I don't want to go on because I can't stop loving Jasmine," as he explains the situation to him.

Later on, we shall witness Fathe's fathera talking Teju about a boxing fight, while this mother arrives and scolds Teju. His father then informs her mother that a boxing fight is necessary for him since she can't stitch him in his sad state. Gurpreet further claims that my son is already distressed, and that you are just adding to his difficulties. Father's mother has a habit of blaming her for everything. Here, you read about Udaariyaan Watch Online.

Fateh's father then shouts at Gurpreet, telling her that this is for Fateh's mental health. Others become upset, and she threatens them that if her kid is hurt, she would not spare anyone. Ftahe's brother then comes to Teju and instructs her to look over Bhai and not do anything that would cause him a lot of harm. Following that, we'll witness Teju doing everything she can to make Fathe happy and at ease. This is when the episode comes to an end. On Colors TV, you may watch the entire episode.

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