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Posted by futurebrands39 on February 23rd, 2016

Is the online consumer behavior vitally different from the offline consumer behavior? The behavior of a consumer both offline and online has both differences and similarities. The online marketing world is not as much revolutionary as the some people would have believed. For example, the stages of the consumer decision course are entirely the same no matter the consumer is offline or online. However, on the other side, the regular model of the ofline as well as online consumer behavior needs modification by considering few significant factors.

The features of a website include the design, functionality and content of the website. There are many parallels in the analog world. For example, it is very well understood that the market insight or the consumer behavior can get influenced by the design of the store and understanding precise movements of the customers via physical store and can boost sales if the promotions and goods are arranged in the consumer tracks.

online consumer insights

For example, as the consumers almost perpetually enter into a store and move towards the right, some high margin products tend to the placed there. And, as it is very well known that the customer buy fresh dairy products regularly, they are put at the back of the grocery stores. A suitable store design as well as precision tracking of the customers is not unknown – however, it is a technical implementation on web, lowered cost, comprehensiveness and ubility on web are new.

With the respect to behavior of click stream, the numbers of researchers have also argued that the understanding background demographics of the internet users is now no longer required, and not much predictive. In most studies of online india consumer insights, the background demographics account basically for less than 9-10% of observed behavior. Many think instead that vital predictors of online consumer behavior are session characteristics and click stream behavior of online people. This theory is like, such information will allow marketers to have a better understanding of the consumer needs and their budget for the required product or service, which allows marketers to mainly target their communications.

The marketing through the click stream takes maximum benefits of the internet environment. It assumes no previous knowledge of the customers and can be created dynamically as the consumers use the web or the the interent. It offers the most comprehensive information that can be properly transformed into beneficial data, thereby offering maximum profit and enabling to get maximum result with respect to ROI.

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