Fifa 16 Points Ps4 which elements must lay the job then

Posted by yingzi on February 23rd, 2016

Fifa 16 Points Ps4 which elements must lay the job then, when the players desire to play against the AI within a good performance, this time not only depends on the caliber of the players, still need some expertise, so this first analyze which elements are finally players need to get, after all, against the AI this thing which is difficult is difficult, difficult to say it isn't difficult, then look.rsgoldrich&fifa
First, the overall situation - to play well, rely on?
1, physical, morale: This is nothing to convey, it can be filled around the full recommended two team rotation, so do not purchase physical karaoke, small physical cards can sell to take the dollars.
2, understanding: to 100 to 100, at least 90: This is not within dispute, there is a sensible, and many people complain that they pass was broken, was straight off, in fact, in addition to the option of timing other as compared to one's own computer-controlled moreover, the team moves, only your understanding adequate, a number of opportunities in to the future out, which is why quite a few good citizenship and good League clubs can't buy players in distinct, because wild, well enhance understanding.
3 players: this mention, it was felt that we civilians Sun Xingmin obtainable C Luo, enough speed, high-technology stars, Weak foot full, sold 3. 000. However, the same floor of your stream through ball, imagine a defender along with the ball between Xiao Sun (only 1, Chiellini? ), They started side by means of side, then I dare point out, Komago some fail to recuperate, but C Luo probable. Otherwise, why limit it? I do not think it is reasonable to limit the gradient, but really you buy, if not playing properly, we can reflect for the problem of the choice of the player.

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