Honkai Impact: The Ultimate Character Tier List

Posted by Rollins Estes on July 8th, 2021

When players are confused which character in the games they are playing is actually the best and the strongest, the number one thing that they rely on are tier lists. However, what exactly is a tier list? According to Wikipedia, tier lists are a classification of the different characters in a type of media, often a game, where their power is placed in order of competitiveness, either in e-sports or as a popular public pick. This means that there are weaker characters and stronger characters. An example of a game where tiers are actually incredibly practical is Honkai Impact 3rd because there are various playable characters and upgrades. In Honkai Impact 3rd, Valkyries have to be properly equipped and formidable in order to overcome the tragedy of Honkai. However, the reality is that some Valkyries are stronger than the others. Players rely on tier lists to assess which Valkyries are the strongest or the best fit for their party. For a game like Honkai Impact 3rd, tiers are actually very useful because, otherwise, it would be quite difficult to assess which Valkyries are best to use for certain situations. The tier list of Honkai Impact 3rd is also quite interesting. You might think that since tier lists are literally rankings, they are all just ordered numerically. There is no single Valkyrie that can be definitively classified as the strongest Valkyrie ever. This is why the tier list is classified according to letter grades and more than one character can be put in that letter. The letter grades are as follows: SS-tier for the Valkyries that deals the most damage while also being an exceptional team player, S-tier are for powerful Valkyries but the catch is they either specialize in elemental damage or there are pre-requisites to their damage, A+ tier Valkyries have one or two powerful attacks in their arsenals but it often needs to be used in tandem with another attack in order to be fully maximized, A-tiers are Valkyries that deal consistent damage and needs no expensive equipment to be used but they are rather underwhelming in some areas, and lastly, B-tiers are the bottom of the bunch that just are not that picked. Right now, here are our top picks for the various tiers and Valkyries of Honkai Impact 3rd. These is not the whole list though so it is still best to read the whole list on Games.LOL. This is because Honkai Impact 3rd actually has 16 Valkyries that can be played apart from those in the Post-Houkai Odyssey so a complete list would admittedly be kind of long. Apart from being honkai impact 3 tier list of the power spikes of the Valkyries, players also have to be quite skilled themselves so even if you have the strongest Valkyries, a good game performance is not assured. • SS-Tier When looking at their kit, the strongest Valkyries are most definitely the Herrscher of Thunder Raiden Mei and Fervent Tempo Delta. What makes them great is their unparalleled toughness, impressive damage that is insanely powerful, and also, how they are also great in parties. • S-Tier Bronya Zaychick, the Herrscher of Reason; Durandal, The Bright Knight – Excelsis; and Rita Rossweise in the Argent Knight: Artemis battle suit are some of the seriously awesome s-tier Valkyries that are worth mentioning. These are S-tier Valkyries because they either have one or two skills that give them powerfuls. S-tiers also usually have really distinct aptitudes that are often used to directly counter some enemies. • A+ Tier If you want an incredible Valkyrie with equally incredible damage, look no further than Murata Himeko wearing her Vermillion Knight: Eclipse battle suit. • A-Tier Fu Hua with Shadow Knight and Seele Vollerei using the Swallowtail Phantasm have either some form of elemental damage or sustained and self-countering damage. What also makes a-tiers a good choice is how they can be geared without having to spend money. • B-Tier Yae Sakura wearing the Goushinnso Memento was, for a time, one of the most powerful Valkyries but recent updates really made her unplayable.

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