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Posted by universalposition on February 23rd, 2016

Trying to find medical jobs online can be a truly bizarre experience. The major jobsites are the major problems. These old websites contain gigantic amounts of data, and their search engines really struggle with any area of specialization. Simply searching for jobs in pediatrics or general surgery jobs can be a truly maddening experience. It’s not just medicine; try searching for engineering jobs, and you will find exactly the same problems.

The fact is that the generalist jobsites are now completely and utterly out of date. They were never designed to deal with the degrees of difficulty in modern searches. A lot of modern search engine optimization, in fact, is designed to deal with the problems of what search engines can and can’t do.

Fortunately for the patience and sanity of just about everybody in the global medical sector, somebody has finally come up with the better option. It’s a company called Position Career Jobs, which has created a truly definitive, specialist medical job network.

The big advantages of a specialist job network deserve a mention:

Specialization instantly excludes other types of jobs.

For advertisers, specialization also guarantees heading the target when advertising. The only people use the new job network, naturally, are medical sector people.

Using a modern search engine configuration also means including much better search filters – This in turn means that users can find what they want very quickly, and the entire advertisement process is that much more cost-efficient.

The “frustration factor” is also removed. Job hunters can do a quick efficient search on a daily basis in a reasonable amount of time. This means that job applications are not being made by people who’ve been driven to distraction by inefficient searches and that the quality of job applications is therefore naturally higher. (Job search is perhaps one of the best possible examples of the inter-mix of user experience and business performance.)

Advertisers don’t have to put up with lousy job ad performance. Translate that sentence into dollars, and you will see why that’s such a good idea.

For more information, and to see how a good modern medical jobs website operates, visit their website here at You’ll appreciate the difference.

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