Importance Of Personal Protective Equipment For A Firefighter

Posted by Angi Scorma on February 23rd, 2016

Choosing your profession as a firefighter calls for commitment and dedication towards helping others. Firefighting job is not easy. In life-threatening situations such as explosions, fires or disasters, firefighters fight for your safety. They act immediately and do not delay even for a second to take fire extinguishing measures. When disasters strike, firefighters are always there to help people. These brave heroes do not even think twice to risk their own lives. Firefighters deserve all your respect and praises.

Firefighters are rescuers and are rigorously trained for all kinds of rescue operations. Their duties begin with a distress call. Immediately, they are expected to rush to the spot and start the rescue operations without delay. Firefighters expose themselves to many life-threatening hazards including extreme heat and toxic fumes. In this regard, fire safety is of paramount importance. Firefighting equipment are protective tools without which a professional cannot enter into the burning building or property. These personal protective equipment are pivotal for his/her safety and also for the person whose life is being saved.

A well-equipped firefighting crew must have durable and reliable tools for their safety. From gloves, helmets, boots to fire hoses, keeping yourself equipped with all the safety tools will help you in accomplishing the job successfully. To help you increase your knowledge, here is a list of FDC department PPE that a firefighter should be armed with:

Bunker Gear: Bunker gear, also known as turnout gear, refers to the equipment that firefighters wear for their safety. These equipment comprise boots,jackets, pants, gloves, helmets, and hood. Jackets and pants are designed of fire-resistant materials in order to protect them from getting burnt. The inner material of these gear is waterproof which keeps them dry. The stripes on the jackets are reflective which help them to remain visible in dark. Gloves are to protect firefighters’ hands from getting burnt. The boots are specially designed with a steel insole to protect their foot from nails or other particles. Helmets are important and they protect their heads from falling debris, flames or other hazards.

Personal Breathing Apparatus: This equipment allows the firefighters to breathe when they enter into the building. This device is made up of a pressure regulator, a high-pressure tank, and an inhalation connection.

Halligan: It is a multi-purpose tool that includes a pick, wedge, and claw. It can twist, pry, strike or punch through doors, ceiling, walls or anything that comes in the way.

Fire Hose: It is a high-pressure hose to carry water required for extinguishing fire. It is attached either to a fire hydrant or a fire engine.

The above-listed tools are just a few from the list. There are other tools as well including fire sand bucket, rescue ladder, fire axe, sledgehammer and many more which come in quite handy in fire rescue operations. Firefighting is a risky job. Therefore, it is vital for these professionals to keep everything in line for their safety.

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