Variety of gate valves and ball valves available from valve manufactures

Posted by Rebeka Sparrow on February 24th, 2016

Valves are an essential component for any manufacturing facility. With the help of their pressure control feature they can control the movement of fluids or gases in any form. Gate valves and ball valves are two kinds of valves with almost similar kind of function with a little difference in operations and the speed of control. Valve manufacturers usually supply all kinds of valves including these. While a ball valve can control with an on and off feature without any pressure drop, a gate valve can do it with low pressure drop. Hence a ball valve finds usage in factories or products that require immediate response for a fast shut on or off action. This also overcomes most of the disadvantages of manually controlled valves.

Use of valves

There is hardly any machine that doesn’t require valves to control the inflow or outflow of fluids and gases. As a client you will find the need of both gate valves and ball valves in your products or factory workshop. Valves can also direct the flow apart from controlling it. You name a machine and there’s a valve in it – say for instance the plumbing valves. You may have already known it but your heart has a valve which directs and controls the flow of blood into it. However, we are not going to bring in the functions of natural valves here. We’ll talk about the kind of valve you will require to run machinery.

Types of gate valves available

These valves are a simpler version of valves and are used only when there is not much complication required in controlling the flow of fluids. They are best used when there is only a single line of flow. There are different kinds of gate valves available for specific usage requirements and purposes. This includes cast iron, cast steel, forged steel, through conduit, pressure seal, threaded and knife. Different kinds of raw materials and production procedures are used to make these valves capable of dealing with both low and high pressure fluid control mechanisms.

Ball valves suitable for specific purposes

These valves last longer than a gate valve and are used mainly in operations where quick shut-on and off features are required. You can order for ball valves that come in variations such as cast iron, cast steel, forged steel, fully welded, top entry, three way and threaded valves. Their operations remain accurate even after long periods of usage and this is what makes them preferable for heavy industries. These are usually quarter turn valves pivoted to a ninety degree turn by the valve handle.

If you are worried about the pricing, then be assured that you can get both gate valves and ball valves at a very competitive rate. And all these come from a manufacturer who has more than a decade of experience. They have a wonderful team of professionals who are there not just to manufacture valves but also to have it supplied to the clients who demand for it. Apart from this, they also have a team of quality control experts who ensure customer satisfaction.

Go for gate valves or ball valves from a complete range of valves available.

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