What Are Online Auctions and Do they Have Any Benefit?

Posted by SEO Team on February 24th, 2016

So what exactly is an online auction? Internet auctions online are services where auction participants or users bid or sell for services and products through the web. Virtual auction websites facilitate for online activities to take place between the sellers and buyers in different geographical locations or areas. Different auction sites are powered by different auction software that enables users to trade in their platforms.

An auction website may at times be referred to as a virtual auction and mirrors a traditional auction involving a number of bidders participating simultaneously. The sellers post services and products both intangible and tangible and which buyers bid on. The starting bids are usually low, some even starting from and increases steadily to meet the popularity and market demand of an item. An online auction has a time span that ranges between one and ten days for services and products that are offered round the clock and across the globe.

Online auctions sell different products while some are specific such as electronics auctions. They are a business model that is widely accepted for the following number of reasons:

  • Time limits are flexible

  • No time constraint

  • No limitations with regard to geographical locations

  • Offers social interactions that is highly intensive

  • A large pool of sellers and bidders are involved which allows for an online business that is characterized with a high traffic volume.

Online auctions can either be consumer to consumer (C2C), business to consumer (B2C), and business to business (B2B) auctions. This business model continuously evolves with the dynamic market needs. This market needs have resulted in the making and use of mobile bidding technology that allows the traditional auction to participate in an interactive activity that runs 24 hours, every day.

For business owners of mobile bidding platforms, this technology has offered numerous benefits for their businesses including:

  • The business is able to raise more money through online auctions that utilize mobile apps. A business can increase its revenue by up to 30 percent.

  • A business can get more bids. The system sends alerts to subscribed user’s phones when their bids have been surpassed which may generate additional activity.

  • Create an enhanced experience for the guest bidders and sellers. Guest bidders and sellers are offered a more convenient and easy experience for pre-registering and are able to bid or place a product or service from whichever location they are in.

  • It saves the business a lot of time and reduces unnecessary hassles. The mobile technology software is integrated and allows for seamless connectivity and users can use both their PCs and their phones to participate. It removes the need to install PC software as well as manual data entry.

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