Kasda modem to access high speed internet!

Posted by AlejandroReyes on February 24th, 2016

In order to access high speed broadband connection, you can go for Kasda modem. The modem IP should be 192.168.x.x. If it shows 169.x.x.x, you should change the network card IP manually to In order to find out the IP address, you can reach DOS command window by typing ‘cmd’ in the run window. You can press Windows logo key + R on keyboard to reach run window. By following simple step by step instructions, you can turn ADSL modem from bridge mode to router mode. 

How to turn modem into routing mode?

In order to turn modem into routing mode, you should add a root user. The following URL can be typed in the browser to add user:

A popup dialogue box will appear and you should enter username and password. The username should be ‘user’ and the password should be ‘password’. 

You should add any user and the user type should be ‘root’. The browser should be closed and the modem should not be turned off to effect the changes made through earlier steps. 

Now, type in the browser and the username and password created in previous steps should be used. You should go to Admin Tab and commit and reboot should be applied. The commit button should be saved so that new settings will be saved. 

Steps to turn into routing mode

Click on Quick Configuration after reaching the Home Tab. You should fill the following options:

ATM Interface: 0
Operation Mode: Enabled
Encapsulation: PPPoE
VCI: 35

Default Route: Enable
PPP Username: yourname@streamyx
Password: your TMNet Streamyx password

After entering the above details, you should click on the ‘Submit’ button. You can select system mode and ensure that all settings are set to disable and click on ‘submit’ button. 

Now, change the NAT options by performing following operations:

Click on NAT

NAT Options: NAT Global Info (the radio button option should be enabled). 

Click on the submit button. 

Enter the following NAT options:

NAT Rule Entry. 

By clicking on Add button, the following parameters should be entered: 

Rule Flavor: NAPT
Rule ID: 1
IF Name: ALL
Protocol: ANY
Local Address From:
Local Address To:

Now, click on ‘Submit’ button. 

Select ‘DNS’. 

Click on the Enable radio button
Click on the Submit button
Go to Admin Tab
Select the Commit and Reboot
Click on the Commit button
Wait for the screen to refresh

Finally, Click on the Reboot Button

Now, all the steps are completed. If you open a new browser, you will be able to browse websites without using the PPPoE dialer. 

Other settings

You can configure Wi-Fi modem or DSL modem very easily by following the steps presented by experts. You can find information about Blue Thunder settings, ArtNet modem settings and other details so that configuration and management of router can be done very easily. 

By using 4g internet modem, high speed internet access can be enjoyed. You can manage robust network security key so that your network will be protected. There are various ways to access broadband internet.

Alejandro Reyes is the author of this article on Modem. Find more information, about Router here

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