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Posted by Kinnaird on July 8th, 2021

Six ways to grow your business within a COVID-19 pandemic

As COVID-19 changes business and the economy, there are approaches to grow your business even throughout a pandemic.

With many businesses working remotely, operating with limited capacity or closing altogether, there seems to be little opportunity to improve your business. Despite these setbacks, there are methods to make probably the most of your overall situation and continue to increase your business in case of a COVID-19 pandemic.

Wherever you are, there are many things you can do to take care of sales and make your customers and employees engaged.

1.Be strategic about your internet marketing

Many internet marketing channels, like blogs, email newsletters and social websites, are available for free or low cost, but businesses looking to grow now need to be strategic concerning the time and resources they dedicate to marketing activities.

"Every dollar you purchase marketing should be spent carefully and resourcefully," says Mark Kohlenberg, who launched Milwaukee Boot Company august in the midst in the pandemic." We can’t afford to be trial-and-error; we will need to execute constantly. It’s very hard to raise understanding a new, non-essential brand in the middle of a pandemic. We have to continue to work harder . to scale up quickly.

2.Thinking in the customer’s point of business news site in Europe view and reaching them

Social media channels for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are becoming even more very important to brands that are looking to stay in touch using customers toy trucks of remote working and shop closures.

Now, in order to take full advantage of social media, you need to identify your target customers and pay attention to what they say and do online. At a time when many people are concerned about their own health and finances, responding to your customers’ current needs and concerns and approaching them from their standpoint can help you stand out from your competition.

"Look for your brand through the consumer’s perspective," asked Kohlenberg." Are you accessible? Does the market really need you? Regardless of the financial state, there’ll always be opportunities to create unique and appealing products, however in this day and age you should be careful and firm inside your approach".

3.Developing your virtual sales skills

Most companies have moved their sales process to the virtual world, but just because you’re pitching on the zoom call does not mean it’s unprofessional. Treat your virtual sales call like a face-to-face meeting, and prioritize first impressions. Dress professionally, optimize your backdrop and office at home environment, and ensure your video and audio are clear to make certain seamless communication.

In virtual selling, you need to provide value at the start. Be proactive in providing relevant and useful resources including tools, guides and manuals. This will help you stay top of mind together with your target audience, even if it doesn’t bring about an immediate sale. This is a challenge that many start-ups are facing through the pandemic.

Regardless of the financial state, there are always possibilities to create unique and attractive products, however, these times call for a careful and precise approach.

4.Organizing a virtual event to activate your audience

Organizing and hosting a virtual event that fits the needs of your target market is a great strategy to provide value and reach people from the comfort of their particular home. Of course, as these events have become more commonplace, you’ll must be creative to make your webinar stand out through the rest.

Provide an interactive experience and, if you possess budget to do so, offer incentives such as giveaways or expert speakers to motivate visitors to attend. At the end in the event, be sure you have a clear call to action which means your audience is engaged with your brand and desire to continue their relationship together with you.

5.Tell your network what you’re up to

Opportunities to grow your business often result from getting to know the best people. Especially in points during the global pandemic, all entrepreneurs make an effort to help the other person survive.

That’s why Mr. Phillips recommends that you simply focus on networking now. As well as making new and valuable contacts, it is critical to keep your existing contacts informed of your overall goals and progress.

"We’ve been keeping our supporters, stakeholders and venture capital angel investors up to date. What we did, the milestones we’ve achieved and our successes. People, our ‘allies’ as it were, desire to know these items because they support us and rely on what we making the effort to achieve".

The key, says Phillips, is usually to keep the network updated, although not overflowing. But in doing this, be sure you share progress "tactfully and sympathetically, recognizing this is a very difficult experience for people throughout the world".

6.Prioritize genuine and transparent communication with customers and employees

Like you, your customers are probably feeling fearful and anxious about the pandemic. But they will remember fondly the company that reached out and supported them of these difficult times, so take into consideration your overall communication strategy using them, including what has changed inside the wake of COVID-19 and whatever they can expect from your company.

Also, remember to monitor your employees. Your team will need your leadership in the crisis situation and definately will want you to keep them updated how the pandemic affects the company.

Use this time to build a stronger sense of solidarity among your team members. This will give the employees a better sense of their very own value to the organization, increasing their motivation and productivity, which experts claim will lead to business growth.

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