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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 28th, 2010

Marketing, Marketing, and Marketing.

How well do your market your products and services? How Much do you make a sell out of your marketing efforts? What is your answer? To me, if I do not market products well, I always check my guidelines listed below. I hope those marketing tips work well for your marketing.

Encourage your customers or visitors to e-mail you questions about your product or web site. Just include your sig file with your reply. For example, here is a sig file: Jon Blank, Author And Publisher,

Give out free web space on your server. Many of your visitors may want to publish their own web site. Just require that they publish your banner ad. For example, if you gave away 100 free web pages and got only 1 hit a week off each one, that would be an extra 5200 visitors a year!

Design web sites for other businesses for free. Just require them to publish your banner or text ad somewhere on their home page. For example, you could create web page templates and graphics for them. Other people will see your work and want to visit your main web site for more information.

Make your potential customers forget about the competition. Just tell them to forget with a factual and believable reason why they should. For example, you could say, "You should just forget about doing business with our competition, they don't offer free shipping like we do."

Set up a joint venture with your competition if you can't beat them. You could agree to work together to beat the other competition then share the profits. For example, you could create a product together that you both could promote or you both could share advertising costs to promote your businesses together.

Visit chat rooms where your potential customers would gather. You can lurk and do market research or mention your product to people. For example, you may read many of the same posts about wanting to learn more about e-book marketing. So, right there would be a good product idea.

Make your web site ?sticky? by building a large directory of web sites your visitors would enjoy. It saves them precious time searching for them. For example, if your target audience is interested in online greeting cards, create a web site directory full of links to similar sites.

Start a free-to-join business association from your web site. Just ask all members to place your association logo and link on their web site. For example, if you had 1000 members, that would be 1000 people indirectly promoting your web site without paying them affiliate commissions.

Make extra revenue by selling advertising space on your web site, in your e-zine, in your free e-books, on your classified ad site, etc. For example, you could have a list of all the spaces your visitors could advertise and the price of each space.

Switch your marketing plan when your market dies for your product. Be flexible and redesign your product for a different market. For example, if your e-book is about starting an accounting business, you could rewrite it for a gardening business.

Thanks for reading my marketing tips and strategies. I will list more marketing tips on the next issue. Hope those marketing techniques improve your sales and business growth.

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