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When and why to consider assisted living Albuquerque

Posted by articlelink01 on February 24th, 2016

It is extremely hard, as a friend or even a family member to admit that your loved ones is in need of an Albuquerque assisted living, especially given the fact that their daily care and needs seem to be increasing and you are no longer able to help them in your own capacity. Such a decision can be extremely difficult and emotionally wrought. In fact, many people stay in denial. However, when your loved ones show certain tell-tale signs of a degenerative condition, the very best thing that you can and should do for them as well as yourself is to opt for assisted living Albuquerque. So what are those tell-tale signs?

  • Memory Loss: Yes, people do tend to lose their memory retentive capacity as they grow older, but if your loved ones seem to be forgetting daily routines as well as activities that they have been doing for years, then it is a sure shot sign. Often at times seniors themselves notice that their memory is not functioning like before. As a result, they become more and more withdrawn to prevent others from detecting it.
  • Noticeable physical changes: Often people who suffer from memory loses tend to forget to cook or eat their meals. This will manifest itself in gradual and very noticeable weight loss, clothes that no longer fit and their bodies looking extremely frail as days pass on. Weight loss can also be a side effect of depression or cancer, which is undetected. If these conditions persist, then it is time for you to consider assisted living Albuquerque.
  • Frequent accidents: As the person becomes frail and forgetful, they tend to get into accidents more often or have very frequent close calls like falling down a flight of stairs, bumping their head into walls, slipping on the bathroom floors and so on. Also, if the recovery from these incidents or accidents takes a very long time, then it is time to look into assisted living, for what they need is an immediate response team and someone to keep a check on them on regular intervals.
  • Aggression and/or withdrawal: Many senior citizens suffering from dementia tend to get aggressive both physically and verbally. This poses a threat to both the family as well as themselves. It is quite natural that you would feel helpless and unequipped to deal with such a problem. Therefore, this is when the medical staff would come in handy.
  • Progressive disorder: People who have disorders that are going to get worse over time, like dementia, Alzheimer’s and so on, need constant monitoring, medical care and round the clock help from someone professional, which is more than what their families can provide for them. Hence, Albuquerque assisted living will be able to provide them with the round the clock help that they need.
  • Dirty and cluttered household: Physical limitations can prevent your loved ones from cleaning, doing laundry and so on. This means that they need housekeeping help or at least living situations where household work is taken care of for them.

Choosing to send a loved one to an assisted living Albuquerque facility is not at all an easy decision, but it is a necessary one, both you’re their sake as well as yours. Albuquerque assisted living can not only help them physically get better, but also mentally open them up for more social interactions and therefore better living.

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