Would you like to pretend that you are a hacker like the ones in the movies but have no hacking skills? Even if they do, do these people think computer programs take too long to write? Do you love hammering on your keyboard randomly? If your answer to any

Posted by Linnet Vilhelmsen on July 8th, 2021

Hacker Typer can be used to harass your friends and coworkers. It is free and open-source and allows you show a screen of a true computer hacker. You can experience a realistic hacking session without restrictions with this app. This site is only for fun and entertainment. Just visit its official website to create hacking keys without registration. Hacker Typer, a completely secure and anonymous prank application, does not require registration. This site has a lot of hilarious messages that can only been discovered by true computer hackers. Its developer is currently looking for suggestions on features. Hacker Typer went viral last evening and a few of them have been added. We hope that Hacker Typer's suggestion to display a giant message with ACCESS GRANT in the background, along with an FBI crest or CIA crest, will be included in the next version. Stay updated: This is awesome! Creator HackerTyper.io explains that by pressing the alt key three times (options on a Mac), we will get an all-caps, "ACCESS GENERATED" box. The site was up and down throughout the day as a result of heavy traffic. As of posting, however, hacker typer appears to be back up.

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