Kids Lehenga 101: All You Need To Know

Posted by Edward on February 24th, 2016

Lehengas are one of the most flattering Indian wear options available. What is even more exciting about lehengas is that it comes in all sizes and types and can be worn by kids and adults alike. In fact, till date it is the most preferred option by most Indian brides. Choosing outfits for kids during wedding season or any small family occasion can be daunting because of a number of issues like will the kids be able to carry off very heavy outfits or what designs would suit them and so on and so forth. However, you can place your bets on lehengas without xdoubt.

Lehenga for kids come in all sizes and can be made for any age group. There are embellished lehengas, light lehengas and lehengas with embroideries. So you see, you are already spoilt for choices. Lehengas can be easily called the best Indian clothes for kids.

So how should you go about choosing one once you have decided you are going to get your kid one? Have a look at the following tips:

  •          1. Fabric: Kids lehengas need not be made of some very expensive and delicate fibers because of obvious reasons. You don’t want them to be drowned in the weight of something really heavy. Delicate fabrics can get spoilt because kids are likely to drop some eatables on their dress. Go for flowy fabrics like net. Opt for cute flowery designs and prints that are more their age.

  •          Cuts: It is possible to get carried away by the fashion trends while designing or purchasing lehengas for kids. We strictly advise you against this. Never go overboard with over the top and revealing cuts. It looks inappropriate garnering undue attention. Leave all that for later and let the kid decide what she wants to wear when grown up. Go for cuts and designs that are cute and something that the kid is able to manage in the party or function, especially of the blouses.
  •          Colors: We are a firm believer in the old world trends that makes up opt for light kiddish colors over dull dark maroons and red. You can experiment with color options for kids lehengas because chances are high it would all look cute. Do not go for a monochrome kids lehengas. It looks mature and doesn’t serve the purpose.
  •          Dupattas: Lehenga for kids should be designed keeping in mind the purpose. As we all know dupattas are a crucial part of the outfit, make sure you have a pretty and manageable dupatta to give it a complete look.

Now that you know the basics of buying lehengas for kids let us explore what are the various types of lehengas that you can choose?

  1.        A-Shape lehengas: Lehenga for kids come in almost all popular shapes. But the advantage with an A line lehengas is that it is easy to carry and your kid can roam freely without getting bothered.
  2.        Mermaid lehengas: A lehengas type that works perfectly for kids. This type of lehengas for kids helps them look like a princess and is very flattering.
  3.        Circular lehengas: The most popular type of lehenga, these make for a perfect lehengas for kids. Opt these for a sangeet night! 

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