How To Be Safe Around A Band Saw

Posted by Toolman11 on February 24th, 2016

Those shiny Wilton saw blades sitting along with a golden Powermatic saw and JET band saw look pretty attractive to a woodworker. But these amazing tools that help you produce masterpieces pose a lot of danger if not maneuvered with appropriately. If you are a guy with a band saw, then manufacturers expect you to follow the rules below to the tee:

Read the Manufacturer’s Guide

Don’t be a smartass, even if you have tons of experience there could be something different about a new machine. Always read the owner's manual carefully before attempting to use the machine. Know the limitations and hazards associated with its use.  It also helps with understanding the machines, its ins and outs in a better way.

Don’t be Reckless

Take every precaution to protect yourself, others around you, and the machine itself from improper use. Safety is a combination of common sense, knowing how to use the machine and being alert at all times when using the machine. Horseplay (reckless behavior) should never be tolerated around any power machinery. Never allow a child near such a dangerous machine.

Dos and Don’ts of Dressing

Do not wear loose clothing, neckties, jewelry, or gloves that can get caught in moving parts. Confine long hair. Keep sleeves above the elbow. If necessary put on the eye and ear protection, rubber boots and a hard hat.

Ground Your Machine

Your machine must be electrically grounded. If a cord and plug are used, make certain the grounding lug connects to a suitable ground. Follow the grounding procedure indicated by the National Electric Code. Keep power tools in dry areas free from moisture. This will also keep the rust away making the machine even more durable and increasing its life time.


Be sure machine guards are in place and in good working order. Use them at all times on operation where they can be used. If a guard must be removed for any operation, make sure it is replaced immediately following completion of that operation.


Before turning on machine remove all extra equipment such as keys, wrenches, scrap, stock, and cleaning rags from the machine. Keep the area around machine clean and free of scrap material and saw dust to minimize the danger of slipping. It never hurts to install a proper dust collection system. These days, you can set up an adequate dust collection system at quite a low cost so it wouldn’t be wise to not have one.

Don't Force Tool or Overreach

It will do the job better and safer at the rate for which it was designed. Keep proper footing and balance at all times. Don’t try to force feed the timber; it can pose a great risk for the machine and yourself.

Power On & Power Off

On machines equipped with a manual starter make sure the starter is in the "OFF" position before connecting power to machine. Don’t forget to ensure that the machine is either unplugged or electrically disconnected and locked out when performing maintenance or service work. offers you to buy Jet Band Saw, Powermatic Saw and Wilton Saw Blades on lowest online prices.

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