Ceramic Tiles Vs Vitrified Tiles - Who Wins?

Posted by Edward on February 25th, 2016

We are past the age of natural floors. Modern architecture demands the usage of tiles in homes. Ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles are the most popular options preferred by people for their homes. Both are versatile and can be used in a number of places including walls, floors and even roofs. There are innumerable patterns and textures available in both the tiles. So, it is a difficult task to decide the winner between the two categories. However, we bring to you certain key features of both ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles to help you ponder upon your requirements and what should you choose eventually.

Vitrified tiles: These work best for flooring purposes in modern architecture because of a great glossy look that it imparts to the floor. There are a number of materials that constitute the composition of vitrified tiles. These include but are not limited to quartz stone, silica and plastic. Vitrified tiles are a great alternative to marble or granite and offer value for money.

If we talk of the advantages of vitrified tiles, here are a few strong points:

  •          These are certainly more glossy and strong.
  •          They are easy to repair and can be fixed in just two days in case of damage.

Water resistance stronger than ceramic tiles.

They can be deemed as more durable than other available options in the market.

Ceramic tiles: A good alternative to bricks, ceramic tiles are made up of earthen clay. The hybrid designs and patterns give a lot of options to choose from.


The positives of using ceramic tiles are as follows:

Ceramic tiles have a richer feel to them. They can be called decorative tiles as well because of the ornate effect they impart to the area.

They have a more natural feel to them and come in neutral natural shades without looking artificial.

  •          Cost effective when compared with other options.
  •          Can cover larger areas in short time.
  •          More sophisticated in approach.

So what should you choose and who wins this battle after all that has been said and done? We would suggest you to opt for a balanced approach while choosing the tiles for Kitchen keeping in mind the budget and requirement. However, there are a few drawbacks with ceramic tiles that include visible joint lines that develop a blackish shade over a prolonged time period. These tiles are unable to bear the wear and tear over time and also become slippery.

Vitrified tiles, on the other hand, come with a better finishing which is the reason it is garnering popularity. It is cost effective and durable. This is the reason it has taken over the market in these few years. However, make sure to see through the various varieties as well. There are cheaper varieties available that get worn off soon. A good quality ceramic tile is at par with marble or glass in terms of finishing and longevity. This reflects on the price as well as such good quality ceramic tiles are more expensive. Well, nothing good ever comes cheap as they say.

Ultimately, whether you’ve decided to redecorate your floor or your entire house for that matter, these things don’t happen often. Whatever material you might choose, you will have to stick with that for the better part of at least a decade before you can decide to remodel again.

This is precisely the reason we suggest you to have a clearly charted out road map while getting tiles for home. Get in touch with the interior designers or the home décor experts to discuss minute details. This would save you a lot of botheration later on. 

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