you do not often Understand what often spend FIFA 16 coins to tackle.

Posted by yingzi on February 25th, 2016

fifa coins fifa4coin players select index analysis, which is based on different formation to create. Urfifa. com briefly speaking about the actual position of each player index.

GK: Tell the truth, in addition to speed and playing to see more obvious, others are difficult to value a chance to directly detect. The reaction probably speculate mean the amount distance the ball to the side began to respond to movement, are fighting in combating time can jump significantly. The higher the score, the better  rsgoldrich&fifa

CB: The best two guard a simple one high and fast high-side three-guard; speed position according towards the speed of defensive midfield position players to get. On futwiz see ranking tackle and interception, sliding tackle basic useless. If you do not often Understand what often spend FIFA 16 coins to tackle. There are excellent electrical power header.

Backs: Speed and defense. At the same time there exists passing and good frame of mind is more important. Example: Alabama.

CDM: By formation may always be, if the whole will be offensive formation, then the defensive midfielder's heart is the foremost high, passing and speed is just not very important. Analysis certainly can definitely not do, must see his own perimeter players to get.

LM, RM: Speed, passing. Pour a little with the can a little better, crossing the 80, we have excellent substantial dribbling and long-range capability. Most people change to LW, RW matter.

LW, RW: With LF, RF. Speed, dribbling. Finishing! Note that is the particular archery --finishing 75 can certainly, agility higher, the futwiz see there's no flair, no words can not play the best legend.

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