How Digital Tiles Are Facing a Resurgence

Posted by Edward on February 25th, 2016

If we were to point out one significant path breaking evolution in architecture in the recent times, it would definitely be tiles. They are used not only in bathrooms and bedrooms but are also making elaborate appearances in flooring, walls and roofs of living room and kitchens. In fact, tiles themselves have seen massive evolution in the recent times with innumerable textures and patterns doing the rounds. Whether you talk about the effervescent nature of bathroom tiles, or the rugged effect of ancient wall tiles, or perhaps the mutlitpurpose usage of ceramic tiles in the house, or the ever growing popularity of vitrified tiles, tiles for home are definitely on the rise without one shadow of a doubt.

Digital tiles are one of the many tiles available in the market. These beautiful printed digital tiles literally spoil you for choices. It is nothing less than art for walls and floors or even anywhere you wish to use these tiles.

The basic preparation of these tiles follows the procedures similar to graphic art works and the end product is just like high resolution photographic impressions. Any good tiles manufacturer would be able to guide about choosing the right tiles. The main reason for the resurgence of digital tiles is the beauty and creativity that is intrinsic to it. You don’t need anything else other than these tiles.

If you choose to put digital tiles on your walls, do not expect anything lower than a beautiful digital canvas. The printing of digital tiles involves high definition prints on edges and curves which ensures even minute details being carved on the molecule of tiles. You can even get these tiles customized as per your requirement. Tile companies are ready to comply with user demands of getting tiles in any shape or color.


Personalize Your Room

As it says, you have the capacity to personalize your room in the best way possible thanks to digital tiles. Get your favorite soccer player printed or any quote which motivates you or a graphic pattern which is a sight for sore eyes. Give your room a personal touch like you always wished for. Of course, it will take a toll on your pockets, but then it will all be worth it in the end.


The Rise Of Avant Garde Setups

Recent development in the industry has shown users opting for avant-garde designs on tiles. These include having face impressions or impressions of hands and feet on the tiles for a rather customized feel. Transfer printing technology is used to get such impressions on the tiles.

There are innumerable varieties of such tiles available in myriad textures and patterns. Use of these tiles can accentuate your lifestyle and décor options considerably. We would suggest you to plan ahead and be sure of what exactly are you looking for in your choice of digital tiles.

What about the other factors those are crucial while choosing on a tile type? Of course, with the aesthetic beauty of the tiles taken care of, you would be thinking about the maintenance. Digital tiles are stain defiant and are exceptionally simple to clean. Your routine cleaning procedure can do the trick pretty well.

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