How Ebikes Are The Next Big Step For Personal Transportation

Posted by articlelink01 on February 25th, 2016

The humble bicycle is and remains one of the most efficient means of personal transportation over short distances (say, within the limits of a city). But the next evolutionary step in the quest to make bicycles even better are ebikes.

Ebikes are electrically powered bicycles. Using a slightly modified drivetrain involving a bicycle hub motor and a battery pack, the ebike is easily one of the best ways to move about in a city. It is a powerful and versatile piece of machinery that makes your bike rides so much better and interesting. An ebike really is a revolutionary piece of technology that is poised to change the entire scenario for urban personal transportation.

Kits are readily available on the market that are used to convert regular bikes into ebikes. These are consolidated pieces of equipment comprising of a bicycle hub motor and associated battery technology. These can be easily assembled to the drivetrain of the bicycle and sits entirely independent of the original mechanism. What this means is that the bike remains perfectly operable via the pedals. The bike can be ridden like a motorcycle as well, with the motor doing all the hard work. This is quite hard on the battery though in this mode; the battery will obviously not last for long in this mode.

There are other modes though: the system can be configured to be in assist mode where the motor actually works simultaneously with the rider pedalling. The motor works to reduce the load on the rider. This arrangement makes for an extremely unique riding experience where the pedalling becomes easier when the motor is switched on. While this might not be as comfortable or convenient as a motorcycle, this certainly gives you the experience of riding a bicycle while at the same time lessening your efforts.

Ebikes are growing increasingly popular as a means of fast personal transportation. Bikes have always been the best way to get around in a city by skirting traffic and taking shortcuts. People have begun to understand the various advantages of owning electric vehicles. It takes very little money to recharge the batteries at the end of the day and maintenance costs are almost non-existent. Compared to conventional transportation that runs on fossil fuels like diesel, gasoline and LPG, electric vehicles come out on top in every regard.

Electric motors are well suited to transportation applications (which are why they are suited for trains; even diesel trains just use the diesel to run a generator which then powers an electric motor) and are much more efficient and quiet compared to internal combustion engines. They do not produce any exhaust at all. Compared to this, internal combustion engines produce harmful gases that impact the earth’s atmosphere and the environment. So many people feel that it is their responsibility to do their bit in leaving behind a better planet for future generations: using electric vehicles just might be the first step.

Ebikes are gradually increasing in popularity as more and more people buy conversion kits to convert their manual bicycle into an ebike using a bicycle hub motor and a battery. Perfectly suited for short distance urban travel, the ebike is an amazing tool for personal transport that is fast, easy and environmentally conscious.

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