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Posted by Vinvian62 on February 25th, 2016

After announcing The Maze Engine release date on PC ( March 15), the Neverwinter team has further illustrated the overhaul of mount system that will be implemented with new expansion’s release. Generally, it contains two main aspects: a new sub-tab called “Stable” and new item Insignias. Buy neverwinter astral diamonds cheap and fast on safewow and check details below.

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New mount system: stable tab and Insignias
According to the official site, with the releasing of The Maze Engine, a new sub-tab “Stable” will be visible on the Character screen. 5 slots will be provided in the Stable for the mount that you’ll summon, and then help free up space in your main inventory. Here, you can manage all of your mounts and Insignias equipped by those mounts with that new tab. So what are Insignias? They are new critters drops that can be found in 5 different types and shapes. Slotting an Insignia onto a mount can grant bonus powers, such as Life Steal, Armor Penetration, Movement or Critical Strike. What’s more, you can even combine these Insigias into a special form to earn an additional bonus power, meant to feel like a set bonus.
The Maze Engine will live on PC on March 15

As the new mount system will be implemented with the release of Neverwinter: The Maze Engine, PC players can expect to get it soon - on March 15, while Xbox players will need to wait longer as usual. Upon the release, PC players can also enjoy many new gameplay updates, including the updated version of the returning four regular dungeons and one epic dungeon, as well as a new campaign, adventure with some familiar heroes such as Drizzt, Minsc, Linu, Makos, etc, and encounter two hellacious demons, Baphoment and Orcus, in the sword coast.

It’s good that Neverwinter’s process of providing new contents becomes faster and faster. While many players are still exploring Underdark, the next expansion is approaching to us soon. It’s time to buy neverwinter astral diamond cheap on safewow to catch up all new contents and fully enjoy the new mount system!

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