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Posted by Stephanie Allynne on February 25th, 2016

If you want to resolve a problem related to Yahoo mail account with the help of expert solutions provided by Yahoo you can always go to Yahoo help central where you can get solutions for any type of problem that you might be facing. Alternately you can also send a mail to Yahoo help to resolve the problem related to Yahoo mail account. Today we can talk about a very common problems that customers face from time to time. This problem is -‘Error: Account temporarily blocked from sending messages’. Though one might not understand the reason behind such an error message but Yahoo blocks user accounts which show suspicious activity to safeguard customer interests.

If you see such an error message do not get baffled as it can happen for sending large number of messages in a very short period of time. It can also happen if you send one message to many contacts at one go. In such situations Yahoo will block your Yahoo mail account temporarily from sending any messages. You will still be able to access your Yahoo mail account and receive emails but you will not be allowed to send messages. However, if your recent activities on Yahoo mail account do not conform to the above, it is possible that your Yahoo mail account not working was hacked.

Here is what you should do to immediately secure your account. Immediately change your password to a strong one. You can get useful tips to create a secure password from the tool ‘password helper’. The next most important thing to do is to go to account information page and check if your personal information has been tampered. Check and remove if any emails or mobile numbers have been added that do not belong to you. Reset the language if it has been changed to a language that you do not recognize. Check if your emails are going to the right place and turn off auto forwarding. Check your reply-to address if it has been changed. Call Yahoo technical support number.

For further information on what you should do to safeguard your account after a hacking attempt on your Yahoo mail account a call to Yahoo customer service will be of great help. Call the technical support team now and get full proof solutions to handle the aftermath of hacking and ensure that you do not fall victim to the designs of the hackers in future. It is therefore important to check each and every setting of your Yahoo mail account so that your information remains safe and secure.

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