Things to Consider while Building a Modular Clean Room

Posted by nationalpartitions on February 26th, 2016

Does your business strategy include the designing of a place in your plan to ensure clean and safe manufacturing?

Do you want to ensure that you take your consideration the right factors for evaluating different models?

Do you want to ascertain that you make the right choice?

Aforementioned are some of the considerations which you need to look at when you evaluate a cleanroom.
Let us start with learning about some of things to keep in mind when choosing clean rooms for controlled ambience.

What is the application?

Better production or better quality is the key reason for investing in a modular cleanroom. Today, different manufacturing processes need a controlled ambience wherein you can limit the amount of dirt and dust in the place of manufacturing. Military appliances, food preparation, computer manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, medical instrument manufacturing and packaging are some of the areas wherein a cleanroom is required.

Learn about the basic principle

Before choosing from the best modular cleanrooms, it is recommended to know about its basic principle. Large numbers of clean rooms are positive pressure rooms that are developed from keeping the contaminants from entering the area. Air is passed into the clean room, usually at the level of the ceiling, after moving through a fan powered HEPA filter which eradicates particles as small as .5 microns. This creates a positive pressure room wherein the contaminants in the air are pushed down towards the floor and out of the vents. This infers that the pressure is enough for preventing the contaminants from entering the premises.

It’s just about air changes

Ensuring a modular clean room is basically about maintaining the airflow. It is all about bringing clean air through the HEPA filters in the ceiling and pushing out the contaminated air through the vents in the walls. So, the greater number of vents and HEPA filters, the greater the rate of air changes.

Consider Future Plans

While building a modular clean room, do not make the mistake of building a room considering just the present requirement. It is advisable to look into the future as well. You will be amazed by the rate the clean room requirements will increase. So, plan for the future and build accordingly, or you will have to shell more money out in a later date.

Hire a Knowledgeable Professional

For building modular cleanrooms, it is recommended to hire an expert. They will consider the different aspects like the number of air conditioners required, the number of machineries to be placed, the people working in the room and so on and devise the right strategies for building the clean room accordingly.
Consider the aforementioned points and build a clean room accordingly.

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