Useful Blade & Soul New Class Warlock Race Guide and blade & soul gold for sale

Posted by Vinvian62 on February 26th, 2016

The new class Warlock is to be added to Blade & Soul. Here is a guide on the available races and skills available for Warlocks.
The class has been already available on Korean, Japanese and Chinese servers and will be available on European and North American servers on March 2. Designed for mid-range combat, Warlocks have the capacity of summoning a Thrall who will be of great help in a combat. The Warlock is able to make the most of his performance when the Thrall keeps the opponent occupied.

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Available Races

If you are curious about the race that open to the Warlock class, you can find the answer here. The Warlock is available to Jin and Lyn.

Warlock Skills

The unique feature of the Warlock is the ability to summon a Thrall. Although the Thrall exists only for a short time, if he is there he's likely to distract the attention of the enemy, which gives you air for your next shot. In the battle, the Warlock can use spell immediately and call the attention of the Thrall to him. The Thrall should be used strategically, since its decay cannot be reset.

Warlock in Group Play and PvP

In group play, Warlocks supply their allies with useful buffs and use their ability to manipulate time to benefit the group members. The effect ensures the specific skills of each class and thus receives additional bonuses.

In order to stand out in competition against other classes, Warlocks should focus more on skills that can be used immediately or within a short time. They should also try to break through the opponent's defense rather than simply to cause damage. In the official preview, the developer has also listed some attack combos of the Warlocks.

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