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Posted by Mouridsen Rosales on July 9th, 2021

The use of mouth guards among football players, for example, is believed to prevent about 200,000 oral injuries a year. Even if a tooth has been knocked out completely, it often can be saved if you get to a dentist quickly enough. In addition, minor chips and cracks can be repaired with “invisible” materials that are nearly as strong as the original tooth. At our dental clinic in Burwood you and your family will be taken care of by our helpful and attentive team of professionals. They strive to provide you with optimum dental care, conveniently, and in a friendly, comfortable environment. Our many dental services include routine dental check-ups, crowns and bridges, implants, dentist near Blackburn cosmetic veneers, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, fillings, Invisalign and more. Having worked with Dr. Lee closely for so many years, she is dedicated and committed to providing the best possible experience for each of our patients. Althea is exceedingly helpful and approachable and is always happy to be of assistance. Ratings help and the practice provide you with the best experience possible. Your feedback helps the dentists and provide you with the best possible experience. We are pleased to offer our senior clients10%off the cost of general dental treatments. This is excluding major dental treatments that incur a laboratory fee, such as crowns and dentures. If you’re worried about attending a dental check up, Croydon residents shouldn’t be. Call our clinic and we assure you that we will provide immediate assistance and treatment. A periodontist is a dental specialist who focuses on the treatment of periodontal disease and other oral conditions affecting the soft and hard tissues of the mouth. Periodontal disease affects the support around teeth including the jawbones and gum. These “boil-and-bite” mouth guards are available in many sporting goods stores. Gum disease can become a dangerous health issue if progressed to an advanced stage. Our expert gum disease treatments keep you fully protected, as well as clear of periodontitis. Ever since I was a small kid, I always wanted to be the best in what I do. This competitive spirit stayed with me throughout my dental career. Always looking for new things to learn, I travelled the globe to discover new technology and techniques that I could offer my patients. I am a firm believer that learning and greatness have no boundaries, other than the ones we choose to set upon ourselves. Together, we commit to continuously learn, improve, and excel to deliver Top Class Service to our patients. Our cutting edge dental centre in the Burwood area dental centre uses up-to-date dental science to achieve optimal results. You are welcome to settle your account with Direct Deposit at this practice. Please discuss this payment option with our reception team to find out more information. You are welcome to settle your account with Cheque at this practice. Eligible adults can also be covered if they have a Commonwealth Health Care Card, a Pensioner Concession Card, or a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. Eligibility and treatment options can vary based on the state or territory of residence. Our thorough and caring approach as well as state-of-the-art technology will get you sorted and on the road to recovery in no time. During sleep dentistry, our caring, highly trained staff uses the latest technology to administer anaesthesia intravenously. Our anaesthetists are trained for intensive care, so your treatment will be safe as well as comfortable. Our experienced, skilled and versatile team of Burwood dentists will cater to your every need. Our cosmetic dental services include take-home and in-chair procedures to enhance your smile and boost your confidence. We perform teeth whitening services with Opalescence and Pola Whitening brands. Visit our Burwood dentist office on Burwood Road for cosmetic reconstruction, dental implants, full mouth rehabilitation, specialist orthodontics, or clear aligners. Sydney Smile Care dentist in Burwood also offers teeth whitening, IV sedation, and modern implants to accommodate all your dental needs. We take a gentle approach to dental care with empathetic staff, modern technology, and a wide variety of dental services to meet you and your family’s needs. Our orthodontic specialist can correct dental misalignments, enhancing the appearance of the smile and preventing malocclusions-related complications. Our prosthodontic services can fit your teeth with the bridges and crowns necessary to address problems created by a missing tooth. As an ADA registered member and a fully accredited practise, we strive to live up to the expectations of our customers by providing outstanding high-quality dental service. Our customer’s health and safety is our priority, so we implement state-of-the-art modern sterilisation techniques to prevent contamination and eliminate microbes. At dhealth Dentistry we not only provide exceptional care, but we do so in a manner that suits your preferences and even your budget. Before you proceed with undergoing any type of invasive procedure, seek a second opinion from a qualified health practitioner. The periodontist provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic, nonsurgical and surgical services aimed at improving periodontal health. ‘In-office’ whitening is also now available at a special price; just0 (reduced from the usual price of 00), including FREE at-home whitening top up kit. A thin layer of high-strength ceramic, custom-fabricated and expertly bonded to worn, chipped, damaged or discoloured teeth to improve shape, colour or alignment. We take a gentle and caring approach to look after your dental health and all the staff are updated with the latest dental innovations and technology. This ensures the best modern treatments and procedures for all of your general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and children’s dentistry needs. Our dentists take your overall health, lifestyle and budget into consideration to ensure you are happy and comfortable with every visit.

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