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Posted by Andy on February 26th, 2016

Well, some families are multiple vehicle owners whereby the parents require own cars to go to work, run car pools and errands. And when their children come of driving age, more vehicles line up the driveway as each clamor for his/her set of wheels. As the space is exhaustible, it does not take an Einstein to realize 4 cars cannot fit into a 2-car garage.

In order to solve this problem, you can expand your garage space with metal buildings in your yard space. Although, numerous designs with detailed instructions are readily available from internet or the local DIY store but you should not hesitate in asking for professional help, if needed.

Make a note; some of them just require assembly work as the parts are pre-fabricated. However, if the thought is too overwhelming, there are many contractors ready to offer their services. Different sizes are available to cater different requirements, when it comes to construct metal garage.

Some are small enough to house a car whereas others can shelter recreational vehicles, boats or camper vans. Since steel is much stronger than aluminum. It’s recommended to invest in a metal garage to support the large structure and withstand extreme weather.

Metal garage buildings are constructed as covered parking structures in areas of limited space, namely congested city centers, office and apartment buildings. Such buildings tend to be multi-storey structures which either rise above ground or go underground.

Some structures have elaborate mechanism whereby a vehicle is automatically transported into its pigeon hole once released by its owner. Some bays are stacked atop one another or next to one another to maximize space usage. The structure can then be rotated to bring out the vehicle upon the owner’s request. Garages made up of Hay barns are a great addition to every home as they will add to the value and look good, if done with proper set of plans.

You can use the western barn as it was originally intended for livestock. The story can then be used as Hay barns while the peak roof provides protection from the elements. It’s you who will decide whether you need to use the barn before starting to build or not as you can adopt door size and interior space for different purposes.

To use barn as a garage, you need to think about the access. And barndominium is a metal building with inside living quarters. These homes are affordable, have very low maintenance and are quite energy efficient.    

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