Simple steps to keep your house clean in less than half an hour everyday

Posted by articlelink01 on February 27th, 2016

Okay, now tell me how do you clean your house? Do you have a house cleanup day in your week? Keeping a day in the weekend reserved to perform all the house cleaning activities is very common in most of the contemporary families. After working five days of the week in the corporate world, one only gets two days to mind his/her own business. Do you really want to spend one of those spare days in cleaning up the household? Or do want to call the best House Cleaners in London or Professional Carpet Cleaning London and trust them to get the job done? The second option may be more convenient if you have enough money to spend on house cleaning every week. All said and done, let us have a look at the most convenient way to keep your home tidy without wasting a whole day.

The Best Trick

The most common misconception prevalent in house cleaning is that you have to perform all house cleaning activities in one day. Managing one task a day in short spans of time is the trick to make house cleaning a lot easier. Make a list of all the house cleaning activities and adjust the list as per the requirement of your family. Better still, take a blank calendar and mark up the dates by filling in the tasks accordingly. Assign the easier tasks on your busier day and keep the lengthier and difficult tasks on your free day. Follow this trick to the T and you will notice you don’t really require House Cleaners in London to keep your house tidy.

Three Important Tips

  1. Work according to a timer:- Assign a minimum of 20 minutes for each separate tasks for each day. If it takes more, then assign more time as per requirement. But the problem arises due to the distractions caused by phone calls, children, letters and emails and other various intervening projects. The smart thing to do is set a timer for 5 minutes for those tasks which will help you know the exact amount of time you have left.
  2. Manage whatever comes in through the door:- Work out a ‘landing strip’ by the front door for all items that comes into your house. For those who are not quite familiar with the term, according to Professional Carpet Cleaning London a landing strip is just a small area near your front door where all the dirt coming in from outside are accumulated and handled properly so that they do not infiltrate the interiors of the household.
  3. Clean your dishes right after every meal:- This simple step will prevent your kitchen from turning into a monster and give you supremacy over it. Waiting for the next meal or until your dishwasher is filled is not the right track. It will give you a feeling of doing an overwhelming job and make you put it off for another day. The same theory can be applied for taking out the trash each day.

If you follow the above mentioned tricks for a few weeks then you will realize that things have started falling into place and your house looks perfect and proper. But still if you think that house cleaning is just not your piece of cake then contact House cleaners London or Professional Carpet Cleaning London and have them tidy up your home in no time, well almost!

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