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Posted by Brian Miller on February 27th, 2016

This is the age of Internet of Things, Big Data and cloud storage. And, it’s safe to say that the days of texting business cards are over. Try a mobile app – apploo. What this does is very easy to understand – you can transfer data, exchange information whether business or personal and send business cards from your smart phone to another. And, this business cards app works without any internet connection as well. The only requirement is that the application needs to be installed in those devices. This transfer of information is possible across the same platforms or cross-platform. For instance, if you have an iPhone then you can transfer data to your colleague who may have an iPhone or an Android. Now, this is the kind of software that can cut down costs and make communication easier.

Increase efficiency and diminish communication gaps
Well, this is what apploo does. Time has become more precious than money. If you can use time optimally then your business will head towards a positive growth. Of course, there are other factors at play. But communication is what connects one employee to another and one business process to another. Any glitches here and you may just miss the most opportune moment to be on the right side of finances. With the help of this mobile application, you can exchange information with another smart phone user, and do it offline. So, there is no need to search or wait for an Internet connection in order to send across important data. This also functions as a business cards app through which you can send contact details without texting.

Smooth information exchange
If you need all the contact details to be transferred from your phone to another, just install apploo in those devices and it will be done in a matter of a few minutes. So, there is no need to carry around business cards. Suppose you are trying to sell your idea to a client, using business cards app to transfer information, like the one we are talking about will help create a positive impression as well. Furthermore, there is the advantage of not needing to be connected to the Internet to use the application. One can exchange data offline or when the connection is low because the process does not require an Internet connection. While the Facebook app for example won’t work without being connected to the web, apploo will and it will allow you to call someone from the list of contacts you just exchanged contacts with. Talk about having an efficient web application for both Iphone and Android Smartphones.

An innovative and cost effective mobile app like apploo functioning as business cards app can be extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs.

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