Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Delhi-Guide to Counseling

Posted by Awakening Wellness on July 10th, 2021

In many parts of India, Alcohol Counseling is studied to be an important aspect in an alcohol addict's life. Several cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc. have started involving this step in their treatment process plans, uniquely parting time for each of their patients. Now, many alcohol rehabilitation center in Delhi, agree to inculcate this step into their basic modules. Alcohol counseling is a crucial and a valuable step in the process of treating an alcohol addict.

In this session, a counselor is appointed to offer the needful support and guidance in the journey of the patient. No matter how long the individual has struggled with the problem of alcohol or how much the individual has consumed, the alcohol rehabilitation center in Delhi, has complete faith in these sessions to make a huge difference in the process of the patient’s recovery.

There are also several alcohol rehabilitation center in Delhi, following more comprehensive treatment plans in their process of treatment. The comprehensive treatment plans are thus developed and constructed in such a manner, so as to treat the individual’s whole body into typical physical treatments including a nutritional diet, withdrawal management, exercise, as well as mental, spiritual and emotional treatments. They do consist of a variety of levels, which mainly includes an outpatient and inpatient rehab medication-assisted therapies, several support group sessions, counseling sessions and various other kinds of treatments. However, some of the elements of a comprehensive treatment plan such as a medication or rehabilitation are definitely assisted by these therapies and thus, are completed over a span of months. But, other sessions, such as the support groups and the counseling sessions are highly important during and after the treatment for the construction of one’s recovery plan and maintenance of the patient’s sobriety. 

What Does an Alcohol Counselor Do?


Every individual experiences and shares a different journey with their alcohol counselor, and hence their recovery process is also different from each other. But, you need to meet your alcohol counselor frequently and individually, in between your group sessions. This is mainly a scenario witnessed within the first several months of the recovery process. However, depending upon your progression after a few months back, the counseling sessions may taper down. But, you can find schedules with your counselor in between your sessions according to the need, whenever you are finding it hard to fight back and there is a strong urge to drink back. Following are the responsibilities of an alcohol counselor, they are as follows:

  • Providing information about the complete recovery process and all about alcoholism.
  • Putting up together a structured and a realistic treatment and recovery procedure mainly based on the needs of your drinking.
  • Helping to uncover any underlying issues and triggers which are mainly linked with your drinking habits.
  • Offering various techniques and tips towards a successful and long-term recovery and sobriety process.
  • Furnishing with regular assessments and activities to ensure your progress.
  • And, to support and motivate you throughout the complete process.

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