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Universal Translator is a device often seen in movies where you have to communicate with others and a device translates all with ease. Such devices are not limited to fiction but are present in our lives and help a lot of people when they are traveling. There are some models of universal translators that support more than 150 languages. It also helps people who want to learn other languages but are not very linguistically intelligent. This device helps them to acquire and then communicate with others. The people who have to shift to another country suddenly for studies or work often find themselves in trouble as there are many technical terms related to the field about which they are unfamiliar. And these terms are very difficult to acquire overnight and language learning is a time taking process So universal translator makes their language learning process a little easier.

Advanced Technology

Technology is evolving so fast. With this increased speed of evolution, people are getting dependent on technology. Now the question arises is that is it good or bad? It is good because through technology this generation is exposed to information. And the excess of information makes this generation quite able. Like Universal translator can help people linguistically. The technology of translator devices has also much evolved. When universal translator devices were introduced, this project was seemed fictional. Nothing can have a vast treasure of words of so many languages. But now translators can help people with more than 150 languages.


A comparison between the Universal translator devices of 2020 and 2021 is quite obvious. There are so many things upgraded in the latest models. Following are the few things that have been upgraded in the latest models of a universal translator.

• There were very few language translations while not connected to the internet. But latest 2021 models provide a range of languages online and offline.

• In 2020 models, a global SIM card was required but new models only require Wi-Fi or any kind of internet connection.

• In the latest models, battery life is also reliable than before.

• In 2021 devices, there are many more languages available. And its internal space is more than 2020 models.

• Device hardware in both models is admirable. And accessories for the device are easily available like protectors etc.

• In 2020 devices, some buttons make the touchscreen less usable. But 2021 models have a very good touch screen system.

• Facility of wireless charging is available in both models.


A smartphone is a multi-tasking device and it has made our lives much easier. But why translation device is preferred over a translation app. Firstly, working on a phone can be very distracting sometimes. If you are using a universal translator for work or study then you will have the edge of having a device. Learning on apps is very difficult when you have your friends online. Secondly, if you're using it for traveling then it is very risky to use your phone in crowds especially where you can lose your phone. It will cause a lot of data loss and money wasted.

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