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Posted by Windows Support on February 29th, 2016

Know The Pros and Cons of Windows® 10 | Windows® 10 to be Latest Version of Windows® OS | Lock Screen Advertisements On Windows® 10

Upgrade to Windows 10? Pros and Cons?. Get technical answers and learn how to upgrade Windows 10 on your Pc. We provide 24/7 online technical help and support for help. Do you have any idea what version of Windows you have? Call @ 800-961-1963 and know how to install and upgrade latest version of Windows 10 on your Pc. How to get rid of Microsoft’s Windows 10 lock screen? Dial 800-961-1963 or directly Contact Windows 10 customer support Phone Number for live tech support.


July 2015 released on 29, Windows® 10 happens to be running on a lot more than 200 million equipment. But is it practical to update to the House windows® 10? Below the write-up points some crucial points to generate some bits of information over Windows® 10 Microsoft professional support that you ought to consider while upgrading to Home windows® 10.

Before going to speak about the pros and cons, one of the most frequent questions that almost all of the users ask can be how very easily can a customer downgrade the latest operating-system to the older release if he/she doesn’t love the most recent one. The process is a lot easy as Microsoft permits the users to roll again the machine to the previous operating-system by simply few clicks.



When the persons came to know about a statement made by Jerry Nixon an employee of Microsoft, they started tying to check on the authenticity and contacted House windows® 10 Microsoft professional support companies for more details. Nixon’s assertion may though sound peculiar, but it is truth that the Windows® isn't in feeling to go anywhere.

“At this time we’re releasing Windows® 10, and because Windows® 10 may be the last version of House windows®, we’re all still focusing on Windows® 10”

Jerry Nixon’s declaration quoted above could be a subject of concern for a number of Windows® users, nevertheless, you that users are likely to get an incredible experience with Windows® 10. It will change as all of the preceding editions are actually available on an individual system that the every Home windows® users now will get into a store and purchase.


When you are among those users who look at an advertisement in lock display screen of House windows® 10 on PCs or laptops, you ought not worry at all. It isn't a malware anyhow, as this is part of the “Windows® Spotlight” feature occur the Personalization settings. And luckily for us, you may easily avoid such advertisements in coming days. 

In the event that you don’t want to observe such advertisements in potential, you just select an unbiased company and access total Windows® tech support team for your Windows® 10. It'll be provided quickly and promptly by expert professionals. 

Microsoft recently injected an advertisement in the lock display screen of Home windows® 10, compelling a lot more than 200 million Windows® 10 users to start to see the advertisement. Many of them wonder whether their computer system system offers malware attack. 

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