Joining A Masonic Lodge? Don?t Forget To Buy A Masonic Ring

Posted by harryjoy on March 1st, 2016

The non-religious fraternity of Freemasonry has grown in following over the years for its view and outlooks of sympathy and fellowship between members (called Freemasons), and its charitable approach towards society. Known to possess high moral and ethical understanding, the society promotes a sense of universal brotherhood for Freemasons, regardless of their religions and individual beliefs. The fraternity’s basic, organisational unit is called the Lodge, which is governed and supervised at the regional level, by a Grand Lodge.

If you are planning to join a Masonic Lodge, then you need to keep the rich history and traditions alive by following and respecting set guidelines that have been adhered to since the 17th century. This means you will also have to abide by certain dress codes while attending meetings and ceremonies. This includes choosing and wearing appropriate jewellery, most important of which is the Masonic ring, which reflects your order you are involved with and your degree within the organisation. While the square, level and compass comprise the standard symbol associated with Freemasonry, different Masonic Lodges also tend to have their unique symbols along with the traditional one, so that their order is quickly and easily identifiable within the Freemasonry fraternity as a whole.

Like with every jewellery, Masonic rings also come in different makes, styles and price ranges - that depends on the material used in the ring. Masonic rings are generally made of gold, silver, titanium and stainless steel, and it is the latter that finds the most popularity amongst Freemasons around the world. Since stainless steel is priced attractively and looks alluring, it has found itself to be the preferred choice for rings for a large proportion of Freemasons, the world over.

You can find stainless steel Masonic rings for sale on one of the various websites that are selling Freemasonry articles on the internet today. It is a great way to view and choose different designs and styles at one place. If you are confused, then you could start with a straightforward design to keep it simple. But if you know what you are looking for, then you could choose from a range of designs and sizes according to your taste. You can even get a custom message engraved in the interior part of the ring, to add a special touch to the ring. Joining a Masonic Lodge is a serious step you have undertaken, so don’t forget to look for stainless steel Masonic rings online to buy one of the most important items in a Freemason’s possession.

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