Runescape Shield of Arrav Quest Guide for Making cheap Runescape Gold

Posted by accolac99 on March 1st, 2016

Just as you can see, Shield of Arrav Quest is one of the hard quest on Runescape. Want to complete Shield of Arrav Quest? Then you are in the right place. Here our guides on how to complete Shield of Arrav Quest and gain cheap runescape gold in game.

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To start off, you should have a good partner, Armor, weapon as well as enough food. If you need RS gold to gather these items, you can buy RS gold cheap on RSorder to help you.

Find a book about the shield of Arrav

Talk to Reldo in the Varrock Palace's library, and he will ask you to find a book. It is on the right bookcase,three down on the side opposite the door. you will see it because it is blue on the shelf. Go get the book and talk to Reldo again.

The Phoenix Gang

Go talk to Baraek and give him 20gp and he will tell you where the the phonix gang is. Go to the Phoenix Gang hideout in the south east corner of Varrock to find Straven Straven. And then kill Jonny the Beard as Straven told in the Blue Moon Inn. Get the Intelligence Report he drops and back to Straven. He will hand you the key to the hideout. Now head into the and in the top right corner. In the chest is half of the shield of Arrav. Open and search it and you will receive a left-half shield. Now look for a partner who is going to join the Black Arm Gang and give him the key.

The Black Arm Gang

Go to Charlie the Tramp and give him some food to eat and the location of the Black Arm Gang.
Go inside the building and talk to Katrine. You must steal 2 Phoenix Crossbows before joining the gang. Find a Phoenix Gang partner and he will give you a weapon store key. Go to the Phoenix Gang weapon store and kill the Weaponmaster. Take 2 Phoenix Crossbows. Give the key back to your partner. Give the crossbows to Katrine and enter the hideout. Go upstairs and take the right-half shield from the east cupboard.

Now you and your parter need to head to Varrock museum and talk to the curator. Now, he will give your rewards: 2 half reward certificates trade one of these with your friend. Now you can get the full certificate with one half reward certificates one the other. Now head to King Ronald to get your reward of 600gp. If you need Runescape before doing this quest, you can buy RS gold cheap on RSorder.
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