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Posted by Dr. David Neiman on March 1st, 2016

Any time we use of the word "ancient" it conjures up terms like oldschooland antiquated. Nevertheless, the core concepts of the ancient world, that we know of through historical records and  archaeology have forme, are the pillars that form the foundation of the culture of today . Consider the history of democracy created in ancient Greece. This is still the theory upon which today's democratic governing bodies are established. Ancient wisdom from the medical arts of ancient China to the legal precedents set by Hammurabi in his legal code, all have relevance and value in today’s world.

There are numerous aspects of ancient societies that are yet to be discovered. Ancient societies did not possess the technology or the tools that we have been blessed with today. However, these brilliant people of the past were able to construct amazing things such as the Colossus of Rhodes, the Pantheon in Rome as well as the temples of ancient Greece. How did they manage to build structures that seem to require superhuman power? Even on a cultural level we are indepted to the ancients. The Olympic Games are a focus of athletic competition and play an important role in our global cutlure. The tradition dates back to ancient Greece as sports enthusiasts travelled to Athens from almost all corners of the world to showcase their dominance as well as talent.

The latest medical research owes a debt the ancient world


The great philosophers of the ancient world are still studied in the educational institutions of today.Young college students avidly absorb the words and phrases that seek to explain the meaning of existence and purpose of life. Our medical practitioners still recite the Hippocratic Oath once they pass their studies and are awarded with a medical degree.We owe the latest medical research to the ancients, who knew far more than we imagined.

The idea that humans must maintain a healthy body and mind originated in the ancient world, as did the craft of decorating our bodies by molding metals for jewelry and decorating ourselves with precious stones and rare sea shells. Ancient civilisationsoperated large-scale mining and were able to accumulate  impressiveamounts of wealth. There is certainly much that society nowadays has yet to learn from the old world. Perhaps by studying the ancient world we will be able to appreciate our planet and its heritage,  rather than destroy its natural beauty.



Scientific research in modern culture is finally understanding how much advanced knowledge the ancient societies posessed. Science hass many years, generations or millennia tofind out precisely how each one of the earth's wonders works. It's quite regrettable that we have been brought up to question the knowledge and experience of ancient societies. The cultures of the ancient world were far more advanced in science, medicine and astronomy than we even knew.

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Dr. Neiman was the author of The Book of Job, Domestic Relations in Antiquity and the unpublished Mink Shmink - the influence of the Yiddish language in the US, which is part of a comprehensive study of the history of Jewish languages.

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