3 Automatic Machine Guns Everyone Should Get To Shoot at the Cheapest Gun Range

Posted by Warner on March 2nd, 2016

Firing some of the most famous guns in history makes many enthusiasts giddy with excitement. Imagine firing world-famous automatic fire cannons with no restrictions.
Almost everyone knows these guns. Movies, wars and pop culture have thrust them into fame, and the opportunity to fire one is mouth-watering. Finding out first-hand the power of an M60, or the feeling the recoil of a Kalashnikov is the stuff of dreams for many.  
Sadly, not every gun range stocks these weapons, and enthusiasts are hard-pressed to find one that does. Also, automatic weapons are strictly prohibited in most states. The ones available have been downgraded permanently to their semi-auto mode. For instance, most M-4 Carbines on sale to the public are permanently set on semi-auto. They do not offer the same thrill as the real thing. 
Luckily, they are available in the cheapest gun range Orlando club, and for a relatively small sum. Enthusiasts can claim their spot in glory as one of the lucky ones to have ever fired one of these guns. Below are three guns that have changed the face of the world that every enthusiast should fire at least once. 
M-4 Carbine
This weapons system is the United States Army first choice. The lightweight design gives it great mobility in target acquisition. It uses a gas-operated firing system to deliver 5.6x45mm rounds at a rate of 950 rounds per minute, making it one of the most powerful selective fire machine guns available. However, its maximum range leaves a bit to be desired, maxing out at 600 meters, which is quite okay with most gun range east Orlando clubs. 
The M60 General Purpose Machine Gun
Second only to the Huey Helicopter in its days, the M60 GPMG is instantly recognizable. It was used everywhere by the United States Army. From Vietnam to the Southeast Asia Conflict, the M60 was the weapon of choice. The gas-operated, air-cooled, belt-fed 7.62mm machine gun was designed after German World War II guns, and still maintains its square stock and long barrel that give it its famed stability and compact size. 
Even Sylvester Stallone could not resist the lure of the M60 in Rambo movies. It is a very reliable piece of hardware that packs power and accuracy. When rested on its bipod, the M60 has a maximum range of 800 meters and spews out 550 rounds per minute. The sound of its grunt earned it the nickname, ‘The Hog’, as it sounded like one when ate up its ammo belt. When empty, it weighs 23 pounds and adds another 5 pounds when loaded with its ammo belt. 
The AK-47
Mikhail Kalashnikov’s vision of a rifle brought forth one of the most formidable guns of the century. Designed as an assault rifle for the Soviet Red Army, the AK-47 was made to be simple, sturdy and reliable. The inventor went for power instead of accuracy, and with 75 million made, it is still one of the most popular assault rifles of all times. The large clearances between the AK’s moving parts make it immune to fouling by mud. In fact, it keeps on cycling even when clogged with dirt or mud. Its light weight, 7.7lbs when empty, makes it one of the lightest automatic rifles to handle. 
The gas-operated firing system uses NATO’s 7.62x39mm cartridges and has a cyclic fire rate of 600 rounds per minute in fullauto. Each cartridge has 30 rounds, so when in full auto, the AK-47 empties a cartridge in a matter of seconds. With a muzzle velocity of 715 m/s, the AK-47 effective range comes to 350 meters.

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