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Posted by Vinvian62 on March 2nd, 2016

Can blast plz install a /votekick command?Lots accumulation accept acceptable leader.But a lot of groups humans wont accept they run off accomplishing thir own affair our afking in bace camps.

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And WOW Gold that's not appropriate maken it harder on humans who are to win aggregation work.

So let us votekick the afkers and humans who don't wanna help.Thanks all.

This wouldn't absolutely break much. Vote bang gets abused abundant as it is. It aswell doesn't advice that there are so abounding assorted objectives and things to do in Ashran, so you can't absolutely abuse players for accomplishing their own thing. Sorry, but the accomplished area is appealing botched.

Did you accede old-school AV botched? It's not Blizz's accountability that the newest bearing of PvPers can't handle assorted objectives. Ashran works just fine. It's the players that suck.

The hunter who refuses to yield Aspect of the Pack off is usually a amusement to catch in Ashran. I ambition Neural Silencer afflicted that junk.

But its a aggregation plan area thing,if anyone not allowance how can yeah win?

Point is not allowance hurts anybody else.

Why blow accept to ache could cause some 10 year old don't play nice.

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