What is Virtual Staging?

Posted by Iva Milanova on July 12th, 2021

The virtual staging is used to build the overall look of a room, a room, even an entire house. Through a computer program for visualizations, the interior designer or architect perfectly presents his project. The details of the project are clearly visible and the client gets a very clear idea of ​​what his project will be. The furniture, the elements of decoration, everything is arranged visually. The position of each detail is clearly shown and visible to the naked eye. 

The good thing about this kind of presentation is that it is actually subject to revisions and adjustments. In the process of work, you and your interior designer can discuss and change. This way you will reach the perfect choice. Once the project is completed and approved, you can proceed with its implementation.


Years ago, virtual staging did not exist. Instead, architects and interior designers drew sketches and drawings of the projects by hand. This was a waste of time, from a few weeks to a few months. This is no longer the case today. With the help of powerful software, these specialists create a virtual staging in a few days to a week. And the model is really very realistic.


When do we need virtual staging?

Typically, real estate agencies use virtual performances to present properties. The best-looking properties sell many times faster than the emptied and empty ones. Rental by visualization in the description - also happens much faster.

In addition, when repairing and replacing furniture, virtual staging is a great service. We can see in advance what our property would look like without even moving a piece.

If you need to make a virtual staging of your property, office, or home, contact a professional designer. Discuss your ideas and he will suggest options. He will then work out and present the project in a completed version. You will certainly save time and effort, and the result will satisfy you.











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