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You may find that illness, medical treatment or medication has affected your sense of taste. Food may seem to lack flavor or taste too sweet or salty. Usually these changes are temporary and will improve with time. In the mean time do whatever you can to increase your calorie intake and meet your body?s demand for protein, vitamin and minerals.


If your body follow a specific diet such as one that is low in sodium or fat or designed for people with diabetes, it may be necessary to put these restrictions aside for a while to allow for more variety so that you can increase your chances of getting adequate nutrition. Check with your doctor to make sure it is okay to loosen dietary restrictions.  Here are some suggestion for selecting and preparing foods.  Experiment with these foods until you find combinations that appeal to you.

Note: if your mouth or throat is sore avoid spices, acidic foods, and hot foods or beverages which may be irritating.

Try different sauces, marinades, seasoning and other ingredients. These can help perk up the taste of food.


While cooking add

-seasoning cubes

-barbecue sauce

-extracts or other flavorings


-meat marinades


-salad dressings

-soy sauce

-spices and herbs


-bacon bits

-chopped green pepper

-chopped onion

-ham strips


-cheese, especially sharp cheese such as shard cedar

-extra sugar of syrup on your food

-extra salt


On the other hand if food tastes too sweet, tone down the sweetness by:

-adding a little salt or lemon juice

-adding plain yoghurt, fresh fruit, instant coffee powder or extra milk to your milkshakes.

-try foods that are less sweet.

-drink beverages such as diluted fruit juice, milk, buttermilk, lemonade, soda water, ginger ale etc.

-choose less sweet tasting deserts such as custard yoghurt


-chips or pretzels

-cottage cheese


-deviled eggs

-Fruit-fresh or canned

-peanut butter

Sandwich spreads

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