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Etiquette The West Orange gun range Orlando FL Gun Range: 4 Things To Remember

Posted by americamachinegun on March 3rd, 2016

Going to the gun range to horn marksmanship? Here are five things to keep in mind when entering the ‘hot’ zone.
Whether it is the first time or the twentieth time at the range, there are several things every enthusiast should always keep in mind. Most accidents, mishaps and even missed shots at the range occur as a result of ignoring basic gun range etiquette. The standard rules of expected behavior at the range are as follows.
Be Careful Where the Muzzle is Pointing
Unless a person is ready to discharge a weapon, the muzzle should always point towards the ground, away from the body and anyone else. This is the cardinal rule of any gun range. No one at the local gun range near UCF will want to believe another member can point a gun at their face on purpose. 
Together with pointing the muzzle downwards, the safety should always be on. Disengage the safety only when in the hot zone, and when ready to discharge a weapon.
Always Obey the Range Leader
Whenever the range leader asks something, always comply. If he gives a command to cease fire, everyone should promptly stop firing and put the safety on. In most cases, when the command is given, the leader may have noticed that someone is in danger of getting injured. Maybe a person is down range fixing targets when the command is given. 
Keep Cartridges Separate
Enthusiasts bringing multiple guns to the range should keep cartridges separate. This avoids any chances of accidentally loading a weapon with the wrong cartridge. For the most part, loading a gun with the wrong cartridge reduces its effectiveness. In other cases, it may cause a severe injury. 
On the same point, it is important to check with the range leader before using guns with selective fire capabilities. Reading the rules in the West Orange gun range Orlando FL club may point out when and where to shoot rapid fire weapons. If the leader is not immediately available, always err on the side of caution and switch to semi-auto.
Clean Up the Brass after a Session
After a session, it is important to clean up all the brass or detritus lying around. Fellow enthusiasts greatly appreciate a neat shooting area. Also, while packing your weapons, do so in an obtrusive way that does not distract fellow enthusiasts. Ensure all weapons are unloaded, including the chamber, before packing them and heading to the lobby. Also, for the benefit of other members, always store guns at the range with their chamber open so that they know the gun is unloaded. 
Safety at the range is no accident; it must be planned. It is both up to the range leaders and shooters to ensure everyone is safe at the range. Most shooters, including regulars, do not know how to use a gun range correctly. This assumption, when accepted by both the range leaders and shooters, goes a long way in ensuring everyone is safe.
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