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Posted by athletedefendermia on July 12th, 2021

It is not surprising to hear about a sportsperson being injured while playing football. Such injuries can occur while playing any of the NCAA-approved sports, not merely soccer. It becomes imperative to get in touch with a seasoned NCAA concussion attorney when a student-athlete suffers severe injuries on the head due to a collision with another player on the field. The onus of the coach and referees present on the field to take care of the situation by arranging for medical treatment ASAP. Failure to do so or coaxing the concerned player to continue playing and attend practice sessions urgently after that amounts to a severe violation. It can lead to extreme conditions in the future.

The brain bears the brunt of physical assault on the head, giving rise to concussion. A sudden impact on the head may cause the brain to hit the skull, resulting in many symptoms that may not be apparent immediately. It is most essential for the concerned individual to be taken to the nearest ER and obtain the proper treatment after being diagnosed with a concussion. It is also the responsibility of the school coach to note any alterations in the student-athlete's behavior, including depression, irritability, and problems with staying focused. Medical treatment needs to be arranged for the student after consultation with the NCAA authorities. Students should also report their inability to practice or represent their school/college properly when health conditions do not permit it.

Being forced to play despite head injury and possible concussion can become deadly as brain injury may affect much more than a change in behavioral patterns. Hiring a competent sports lawyer to obtain justice is advisable in such circumstances. While the NCAA and the school coach may be forced to take proper action, the young student may get monetary compensation to continue with the treatment once the judge rules in favor of the student-athlete.

Unfortunately, both the student and the coach may turn a blind eye to the severity of the situation despite head injuries. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option for the student who needs to practice hard and be back on the field at the earliest. There have been instances of the NCAA violating the regulations without offering medical support to student-athletes. Many young students who have no other option but to represent their institution on the field to obtain financial assistance may experience multiple concussions over a limited period. Medical professionals term it as deadly, for such patients tend to develop chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a severe degenerative disorder affecting the body's tissues.

It is always best to contact an NCAA lawyer with a proven track record for obtaining justice. The parents or friends may get a legal professional well versed in the NCAA regulations and aware of the violations. Time is of essence too! A student-athlete who has suffered a head injury and risks concussion may have to lose the scholarship due to physical inability in the future.

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