Stem Cell Injections - Crucial in Treating Parkinson?s Disease

Posted by universalposition on March 3rd, 2016

In Parkinson’s disease, the nerve cells in the brain, called neurons, degenerate over time. The most common symptoms of this disease include tremors, compromised speaking ability, irregular posture, and poor overall motor function. The disease results from a lack of functioning neurons that produce dopamine in your brain, which is an important chemical messenger.

The disease brings about some additional problems, some of which are treatable, including:


As the condition progresses, patients may find it difficult to swallow. The inability to swallow can lead to saliva accumulation in the mouth, accompanied by drooling.


Most Parkinson’s disease patients experience depression during the course of their condition. Because of this, many patients experience emotional changes like loss of motivation and fear.


Patients may suffer from cognitive difficulties, usually occurring in the later stages of Parkinson’s disease. These cognitive issues are not responsive to medicine, though recent research has shown stem cell injections to be an effective way of treating cognitive issues related to Parkinson’s disease.


Patients with Parkinson’s disease often complain of suffering from various sleep disorders, like falling asleep during the day, waking up early, and waking up intermittently throughout the night. Furthermore, patients may experience sleep behavioral disorders like acting out of their dreams and rapid eye movements.


Due to a slower digestive tract, most patients with Parkinson’s disease experience constipation and difficulty digesting certain foods.


The disease may also result in bladder issues, including the ability to control urination.


There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, but medications can help control its symptoms. In the latter stages of the disease, doctors may even advise surgery. Doctors typically prescribe lifestyle changes, like aerobic exercise. Hiring a speech and language pathologist can be a great way to resolve speaking problems. Patients can even enter a physiotherapy program that involves stretching and balancing.

Current stem cell research has shown promising results in drastically controlling the symptoms of this debilitating condition. Countless studies have demonstrated the positive effects of stem cell injections on patients with Parkinson’s disease, including reducing tremors, improving walking and talking, and restoring lost balance.

Health experts and doctors are hopeful that in the coming years, stem cell therapy will emerge as the most viable and convenient Parkinsons disease treatment. Apart from treating Parkinson’s disease, stem cell therapy has also show to be effective at treating other complex ailments, like Lupus, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

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