8 Compelling Reasons to Visit Munich Often

Posted by Rex Conner on July 13th, 2021

Munich is one of those European holiday destinations which are always on the list of seasoned travellers. The Bavarian beauty of this city can never be enough for someone who has visited it once. People feel like being called back to experience some more iconic places, food joints, museums, and unique things around the city. Europe’s largest folk and beer festival Oktoberfest is not the only attraction that makes people revisit this ravishing city. Munich has a unique charm and a mysterious aura around it that you should not miss out on. If you are planning a trip then make sure to check out the best areas to stay in Munich.

Below are 9 captivating reasons for spending your vacations in Munich time and again:-

1. Feast your eyes on the unique architectural beauty of Munich

The soul of Munich is represented by the classical architecture spotted everywhere in the city as you go for a soulful walk by yourself or with the company. The old town’s Marienplatz is an enchanting central square which is situated in the bustling centre of the city with tourists all around it. Talking about architectural beauty, one could not miss the Theatine Church. This unmissable place originated in the 17th century to set an example of pure Baroque architecture in all of Europe.

2. Blend in with the locals over a glorious pint of world-class beer

Munich is the place to be if you want to quench your thirst with a pint of high-quality beer. Besides Oktoberfest, the city welcomes beer fanatics all year round through its signature beer tasting experience at the Paulaner am Nockherberg beer garden. It used to be a monastery in the past. In 1634, brewing was done by the hands of monks but nowadays it is a cosy place with guided tours, friendly people, and impressive interiors.

3. Accompany a group of city surfers to ride out the Eisbach wave

In case you think Munich has limited adventure options for people who love a good rush of adrenaline, then you are mistaken. This city is landlocked and quite far from any beaches but still, you can find a wave to catch in the middle of the city at the edge of English Garden. Known to the locals as The Eisbachwell, is a river surfing spot where several like-minded people gather yearly to catch the perpetual wave that shoots from under the street. All you need is a wetsuit and some patience to wait in line till it’s your turn (wave is small enough to accommodate one surfer at a time).

4. Find hidden gems in the form of traditional restaurants in the city

The Bavarian capital city is known for its delectable palate supported by unique local dishes. Everyone can enjoy Bavarian specialties which include Wiener schnitzel with some roasted potatoes or even some rustic Bavarian pork in a dark beer sauce that induces a sort of food coma. To gorge on some traditional Bavarian food, you can head to Spatenhaus an der Oper. It is a pleasant place located in an old 14th century building that offers two different menus. Most Munich restaurants are decorated with hand-painted wood panels, arched windows, with medieval-style chandeliers.

5. Resonate to classic music in the splendid red jewel opera house

If you love spending your time listening to undying classic musical pieces composed by legends like Mozart then Residenz Theatre (also known as Cuvilliés-Theater) would invite you to Munich again. This gem of a place is a majestic opera hall often considered the most beautiful theatre located in Germany. The entire building can be accessed through one ticket that is used as an entry ticket for Residenz palace. Make sure to double-check the opening hours of this opera house before going out as the hall functions at different times in different seasons.

6. Visit the unusual museums to lay your eyes on some unique items

If you have an eye for quirky items then Munich has a lot to offer including an entire museum dedicated to unusual yet significant items. Most people overlook the cool vibe while staying in Munich and think of it as an antique place. Despite having a rich history, this city also has a lot of entertaining aspects such as The Deutsches Jagd und Fischereimuseum which translates to the Museum of Hunting and Fishing. This creepy yet immensely enjoyable place has thousands of taxidermy animals as well as birds (all rare species). You will also get a chance to observe a combination of animal and bird parts created as a work of art.

7. Find comforting peace and solitude away from the commotion

In Munich, one can find a balance between a lively atmosphere and a peaceful corner to sit and soak in the natural beauty of this city. Englischer Garten (English Garden) is known locally for being the most picturesque park in Munich. It encloses no less than 78 kilometres of land 5 kilometres in the north of Prinzregentenstrasse. Once inside the park, you would find countless joggers, couples strolling in the morning, and cyclists who come to enjoy the natural beauty of meadows and lively trees. There are many other gardens located in the area like Kleinhesseloher with a pretty lake right in the middle.

8. Experience the royalty and age-old beauty of Residenz Palace

A single glimpse at the imperial beauty of The Residenz Palace is not enough for anybody who admires the glorious history surrounding the Bavarian monarchy. This extensive compound around the palace has served as the primary residence of the royal family for more than 400 years. Inside you will find yourself in the labyrinth of multiple grand rooms adorned with beautiful jewels and designs. The palace is open for an audio-guided tour that takes approximately 2 hours of traveller’s time. Residenz palace also houses one of the most spectacular banqueting halls that is fresco-covered Antiquarium. The lavishness and finely-crafted interior designs of this palace are one good reason to come to Munich.

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