Major Reasons for Choosing Honeycomb Blinds

Posted by johnpreston on March 5th, 2016

Don’t you just hate it when you buy a window treatment, wait for a few weeks before it can be delivered and when it does you discover that it is broke or doesn’t work as intended? Many people have become very frustrated with this experience. You can get a replacement but that will only add up to your frustration, right? Fortunately, you can spare yourself the trouble by getting honeycomb blinds.

This type of window blind is also known as cellular shades and over the years they have proven to be quite functional and effective. Take a look at its advantages:

1. Keeps You Warm

During winter, these blinds can keep you warm while you stay cool in the summer. These solar shades are so great you will even feel the cold air disappear when you lower it for the first time. You won’t only notice the difference but you’ll even SEE the difference when you check your energy bill.

2. There’s a Cordless Option

If you have kids in the house or you just want to do away with all the messy cords then you can opt for a cordless honeycomb blinds. They will make your windows look cleaner with no strings hanging. But you need to remember that you’ll have to reach up to be able to close or open the blinds.

3. Ensures Privacy

Don’t want nosy neighbors peeking on what’s going on inside your home? Then you’ll love the Top Down Bottom Up option for these blinds. With it, your blinds will work just like regular shades where you can raise the bottom enabling you to check what’s going on outside. You can also lower the top so no one can see what’s going on inside and allow light to pass through.

4. Child-Proof Cords

As mentioned, cordless is only an option. You can still go for cords and what is great about it is that it’s perfectly safe for kids. They have breakaway cords so that little kids (and pets) won’t get hurt. These cords are designed in such a way that if someone gets hung up in them, the piece that keeps the cord together will break apart and will easily snap back.

If you are looking for a durable, efficient and functional blinds for your window or sliding door, we highly recommend honeycomb blinds. They have been around for many, many years and whatever issues they had in the past have now been corrected so that they stay functional, practical and attractive.

For more information please visit our website:

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