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Posted by Ople Asension on March 7th, 2016

Welcome to today\'s Megathread!
The topic today is Technical support. Today\'s thread is to allow you to better find help on issue you may be having, or technical questions related to Blade & Soul.
Problem with installing the game, or don\'t know if you can even run the game, this is the place to ask these questions.
Always make sure to check the Official Support site first as you may find your fixes over there.
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Part 1:I have a huge fps drop problem. I used to have 50-60 fps in any area, but recently my fps is around 40 and keeps dropping to 10ish every 5 seconds even if i\'m in the marketplace. It usually freezes 0.5 to 2 seconds.
First I thought that would be GPU but apparently it isn\'t. Nvidia Inspector says it\'s not even working at 50% capacity. Since blade and soul is poorly optimized and uses one core I think it\'s CPU. My CPU is i7-4700HQ. It\'s normally 2.40 GHz but it overclocks itself to 3.40 depending on the need. The problem is when I check the CPU usage when I\'m in game, it doesn\'t pass 2.35 GHz but when I close the game it immediately starts to use 3.20ish. So basically there is something wrong with the game.
Also another indicator that it\'s not GPU based problem is there is almost no change about the problem even if I set all the graphical settings to 1 (usually I use 3-4). Is there any fix to that or does anyone know any solution or method that I can try? Thanks!

Part 2:Hello everyone, to start i will describe my problem, so everytime i try to open blade & soul my computer gives me the blue screen of death, and this only happens after that dragon thingy appears. I already checked other topics and i did the same they did to fix, i unistalled avast, i tryed to run everything as admin, as well as putting everything to compatibility WinXP (SP 3), i also checked if the pc was overheating and thats not an issue and to finishing i even cleaned my pc and ran some anti virus and anti malware software. But nothing worked and i still get the blue screen of death. If someone could help me i would be really grateful because all my gaming friends are playing and i cant join them.

Part 3:all these new stuttering issues that seem to crop up with every single patch are really getting on my nerves.
it\'s not enough to make me quit, but, it definitely hurts my enjoyment. 3v3 is unplayable for me because it constantly jumps between 120 to 40. restarting doesn\'t help at all either.
i\'ve tried everything i can think of to help/fix the problem, but nothing seems to help

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