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Posted by accolac99 on March 7th, 2016

Since you are come to this article, I guess that you want to level fast on Runescape. As you can see, it is not that easy to be a high leveled player on Runescape. Chances are that you will have to spend a long time as well as plenty of runescape gold to ensure you can level up fast. All in all, it takes time and money to accomplish high level. In fact, it can be much easier for you to achieve high level by beating high leveled monsters which offers best drops. If you want to achieve high level on Runescape fast, you can read further to learn more tips:

Pick the right bosses:

Kill bosses is a great way to level up and make money in game. When it comes to bosses, you will want find monsters that have low defence yet high hit points. Chances are that you can get maximum experience by training any combat with this method. Low defence means that you can hit them harder and better.

Concentrate on one skill at a time.

Of course, you should level up your skills to achieve higher level. It is wise for you to focus on one skill at a time. Just as you can see, the experience is divided and balanced between the three when you attempt to level up attack, strength, and defence at the same time. In stead, you will want to level up strength first, then attack, and defence last. In addition, it's important to get your cooking level up so you can cook various types of foods.

Training in the correct armour

When it comes to training, you should make sure to have the correct armour depend on the specific training you're doing. It is worth to point out that the combat triangle severely makes a difference with what a person is wearing as defence material.

Be a pay to play player

If you want to level up even faster, you can consider to be a Runescape member, the process of raising your levels is slightly easier. As you can see, there are many quests and areas are exclusive to P2P players. For instance, you do not need food for these activities if your level is high enough.

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