Duel Arena is some sort of combat minigame in 07 Runescape Gold

Posted by yingzi on March 7th, 2016

Duel Arena is some sort of combat minigame in 07 Runescape Gold. Players can fight with other opponents for incentive or fun. Here is a simple guide than it, you may learn some useful informtaion from it.

There are no abilities and quests requirement with this minigame. The Duel Arena is located in north-east of Al-Kharid. You will meet Mubariz for the entrance who will let you know the information and heritage of Duel Arena. There are two methods of fighting in the game: friendly or staked. Friendly duels are safe for you will not lose anything if succumbing. In Staked Duels, you will only lose the things you have staked in case you die.

When you and your opponent accept the dueling guidelines, you will be teleported to the arena and then have 3 seconds prior to fight begins. You can find your current opponent by recognising your own opponent has big orange arrow above him. You can also navigate to the ramps about the arenas to the overhead balcony to be able to watch others duelling. In the end, the cheapest and speediest DarkScape Gold is looking forward to you on www. rsgp4u. com.

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