10 Best Bathing Suits to Wear For Water Sports

Posted by Stephanie Snyder on July 13th, 2021

Whether you are a professional athlete or not, water sports are great activities for someone who wants to enjoy the warm weather. Some of the caveats to water sports are making sure you keep your core warm enough and ensuring you’re flexible enough before taking the plunge. This is where bathing suits come in handy. They are made from the right materials to let you enjoy the game with less worry. If you have been looking for the right bathing suits, here are the top ten designs that you should consider:

Swimsuit Components

1. One-piece swimsuits

The one-piece bathing suit is by far the most common, having a long history in water sports. Maillot designs, like the sport sult and strapless, cover the whole torso, leaving only the neck, hands, and feet exposed. Modern designs, such as plunge and sling suits, leave parts of the back bare in different degrees. Other variations can exist in the neckline. You can choose from high, square, and halter-neck, among others.

One-piece swimsuits are perfect for competitive swimming and water gymnastics since they leave your joints free for more flexibility.

2. Tankini

This is the direct opposite of the one piece. It is also called the top-bottom set, or the two-piece. The first piece of a tankini covers the chest although it can go down to the waist. Depending on the design, the tankini top can either be a simple athletic brasserie or a strapped top. For more flowery designs, you can go for the layered, lace-up, or ruffled tankini tops. Tankinis are suitable for beach volleyball and other light water sports.

Swimsuit Designs

Swimsuits come in different designs to suit your personality and the kind of sport you wish to engage in. Contemporary designs, such as Bleu by Rod Beattie, come with amazing aesthetics to make you confident as you engage in sports.

1. Skirtinis

A skirtini also called swim skirts or skirted bathing suits, are swimsuits with a skirt bottom instead of a bikini or shorts. Although they are most commonly a variation of the tankini, some designs are one-piece suits.

2. Rashguard Swimsuits

Rash guards are long-sleeved swimsuit tops that you can match with different bottoms, including bikinis, shorts, and leggings. They are most referable for active sports, such as kayaking and surfing, and are suitable for colder waters.

3. Bikini

A bikini is a two-piece swimsuit that, unlike the tankini, is a simple top and bottom. There are different designs when it comes to bikinis. These include the common triangle top and the bandeau, a strapless bikini top that is twisted at the front and tied or locked at the back.

Bikinis are fun for playing water games like the tee game and human ring toss.

4. Wetsuits

The wetsuit is a one-piece type of bathing suit that contains long sleeves and long legs. Of all wetsuit categories, they provide the most coverage. These swimsuits are good for deepwater diving as they keep your whole body warm and salt-free. This makes them the ultimate water sports attire.

5. Spring Suits

A spring suit is a wetsuit that covers less than the conventional wetsuit does. It has shorter sleeves and legs that range from the waist to the knees. Their design keeps your trunk warm while leaving your arms and legs free for more flexibility as you engage in water sports.

6. Kneeskin Bathing Suits

The kneeskin very much resembles the wetsuit; the difference is that it is a sleeveless bathing suit with straps. It is a one-piece suit that covers the body all the way to the knees. Although kneeskins are often used by cyclists, you can use them as bathing suits.

Alternatives to Common Bathing Suits

Different socio-religious practices and personal preferences may hinder people from enjoying water sports. For instance, in some cultures, women are barred from exposing too much skin. Some people are also not comfortable with highly expressive swimsuits. For such people, alternatives to bikinis and one-piece swimsuits could be:

1. The Burkini

This is a light swimsuit that was designed majorly for the traditional Muslim woman. These swimsuits are a good alternative for women who are not comfortable with revealing swimwear. It consists of a headpiece that stands in for the hijab, a skirted wetsuit, and leggings. With it, the only parts left exposed are feet, hands, and face.

2. Swim Dress

This is also a good alternative for the more conservative women. It is a one-piece swimsuit that covers the upper thigh. While it resembles a skirted one-piece, the swim dress provides much more cover and looks like a typical mini dress. They bring a lot of modesty to water sports. If you need to cover more, you can accompany it with leggings.

Swimsuits have gone evolved over time, and now we have countless amazing options to choose from. If you wish to surf, play beach volleyball or engage in another form of water sport, you can begin your selection from these ten bathing suits.

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