5 Common Responsibilities Of A Social Activist

Posted by Currie Hinton on July 13th, 2021

Social activism is basically an act with the intention of Bringing about social change to society. agency are people who are working actively towards a positive change in society and feel strongly on a particular cause. Being an Activist is more than just participating in social movements; it is an active commitment to ensure social change by using peaceful and non-violent means. An activist is someone who is definitely working towards social change in society There are various types of social activism. One type is Economic Activism. This is mostly carried out by business owners against big companies that take advantage of cheaper labor and offshore outsourcing. This type of social activism aims at making the working conditions of workers better. They also oppose any legislation that makes businesses illegal. Another form of social activism is political action. In this case, an individual is more focused on influencing the political system. Activists work towards changing government policies by influencing public opinion. For instance, environmentalists would try to influence environmental policy through protests and civil disobedience. They also try to get political candidates to shift to a green or environmental friendly platform. One of the most important forms of social activism is gay activism. Gay and lesbian individuals try to bring about change in the society by lobbying for the legal rights of sexual minorities. Some of the activists fighting for gay rights are going as far as setting up camps to help gay and lesbian people when they face discrimination. While agency may consider this social change as immoral, some accept the views of others on the basis of religion and tradition. Still others try to remain in the closet due to threats received from other members of society. Regardless of how these individuals view the issues, the support of such people has helped to fuel social change. Student-athletes engage in social activism on a much smaller scale than those mentioned above. However, student-athletes can make a huge impact on a number of issues. As with agency , student-athletes are looked at by the media and fans to endorse any given cause that they may be supporting. The efforts of student-athletes to engage in social change is sometimes not well understood by fans or the general public. Activists, students, and athletes all have different ideas on how to accomplish their goals. The question becomes, what do these groups all have in common when it comes to what types of social activism require four roles for successful completion? The first role is education. Students in all groups need to understand the politics of the society that they are part of. The second role is the effective decision making. Activists need to be able to successfully take decisions in order to effectively engage in social activism. Students in college have excellent communication skills when it comes to effectively participating in a political debate or conflict. Activists must also have solid decision making skills as they will be the ones deciding which actions to take when it comes to engaging in social activism. The third role is community building and community organizing. Activists in various groups need to coordinate with each other in order to create projects that promote social justice within the four corners of the campus. Students in any type of social action group are required to participate in community building projects that promote social justice as well as learn how to effectively communicate their own personal ideas about social activism. The fourth role of a social activist is public relations and marketing. Activists are not only educated in communications skills, but they must be experts in public relations in order to effectively promote social activism. By creating a public relations strategy that effectively lobbies for social activism, activists can increase their membership and receive an excellent salary. The fifth role that a student must have in order to engage in social activism is fund raising. Any group that intends to successfully engage in social justice must have reliable fundraising plans in place. Without proper funding plans, activists will not be able to sustain their activities. It is important to have dependable fundraising strategies so that groups will not be dependent on volunteers and funds they obtain on their own. In addition to fundraising, organizations that engage in social activism must develop solid plans for effective student recruitment. Finally, the most important role in any social activism group is the leadership. Effective leadership must come from the top down. Individuals who want to engage in social justice must be able to pick and choose which leaders they support and work with. Having excellent communication skills and a solid plan for leadership development will greatly improve a student's chance of developing an effective leadership style.

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