Brand strategy for sustainable development and protection of animals

Posted by Eric Crawford on March 9th, 2016

Now, the fur has been the most important comeback show in the world, in the Nordic region has become a thriving industry, which makes animal protection organization is very upset. Last July, the murder occurred Hermes crocodile storm event, PETA Hermes requirements prohibit the use of rare animal skins for raw materials, including alligator handbags and bracelet. Jane Birkin after watching PETA released a video, had asked to rename Vintage Prom Dresses crocodile Hermes handbag, the Birkin removed from the bags, but later the two sides reconciliation. In fashion circles, fur is a no solution taboo cycle, and there is no fuzzy space. Brand, retailing, and fashion media, etc., have to be this choice, make direct position. However, as animal protection concept gradually popular, more and more people opposed to a piece of clothing and make animals lose their lives, but also in fashion circles with the rise of an emulation fur instead of animal fur fashion. However, there are people in the industry said that the current promise not to use animal fur is the most affordable fast fashion and other brands, fur consumption and manufacturing bulk business or luxury brands and high-end boutique majority, after all, is the most profitable luxury brand part. In addition to always adhere to the bottom Long Prom Dresses UK line Stella McCartney outside, HUGO BOSS announced the design after 2016 will no longer use animal fur, Bernd Keller expressed its creative director, animal and environmental issues for consumers express more concern than ever, buying reasons no longer limited to the design with the price. Brand strategy for sustainable development and protection of animals, will also affect the willingness of consumers took out his wallet. British faux fur brand Shrimp founder Hannah Weiland believes that: faux fur is no longer simply a trend, but as a new consumer choice. 80-year-old designer Karl Lagerfeld on Thursday to show their latest clothing line, but also their self-titled brand usher in a recent investor. Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel not only serves as artistic director at the same time the two brands Fendi, each year also involved a large Mermaid Prom Dresses UK number of cross-border cooperation. Women's Wear Daily News quoted the US G-III Apparel Group is a designer Karl Lagerfeld to enter the latest partner in North America, now holds 19% of the capital increase by Karl Lagerfeld AG, the German designer will help accelerate the pace of global expansion but the two sides did not disclose the specific amount of investment. G-III Group CEO Morris Goldfarb said the world's most iconic designer brand can promote the brand through a number of business cooperation and promotion in North America will be the key to success. "In addition, he also said they did not rule out continued holdings of Karl Lagerfeld Group's shares in the future.

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