Why Choose Decorative Laminates over Tiles?

Posted by Amulyamica on July 14th, 2021

When it comes to designer surfacing materials that give you a rich and luxurious look, both decorative laminates and tiles are popular options, but the similarities end there. Despite the fact that both surface decor items are available in a wide range of designs and textures, you must grasp the difference between them and which is preferable for design reasons.

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Decorative Laminate Sheets:

Decorative Laminate sheets are constructed from many layers of thermosetting resins on Kraft paper with varying heat and pressure densities. They range in width from 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm and come in a variety of colour and texture options.

Pros of Decorative laminates:

  1. Decorative or Designer laminate sheets are an excellent choice for creating the appearance of real wood.
  2. Decorative laminates are available in a broad variety of designs, colours, and textures, allowing you to achieve virtually any desired look and feel.
  3. Decorative laminates are suitable for use in interior spaces such as wall panels, cupboards, cabinets, and furniture.
  4. The dimensional stability of Decorative laminate sheets is extremely great.
  5. Decorative laminates are extremely resistant to surface wear and cracking.

Cons of Tiles:

  1. Tiles are colder and harder in comparison to laminate sheets, which are milder in the winter.
  2. Tiles have a rigid surface that cracks and scratches quickly when substantial things are dropped on them.
  3. Tiles are heavy and delicate, necessitating extreme caution during shipment, storage, and installation.
  4. Tile repair is a laborious procedure that demands significant man-hours and resources.

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Some Useful Tips to Choose the Best Decorative Laminate Sheet:

Decorative laminates have the ability to modify furniture as well as the overall decor of home and business environments. There are numerous options to consider, which can easily lead to confusion. High-quality decorative laminates are utilised in a variety of applications. When planning an interior decor project, such as refurbishing furniture, it is critical to understand how to select the best option from the available possibilities. Let's look at three helpful hints for selecting the best decorative laminate.

1.   Based on Usage:

Designer Sunmica Sheets can be chosen based on how and where they will be used. In the kitchen, for example, you cannot use a high gloss or laminate design with a deep grain texture since it would reveal every fingerprint and stain. Matte laminates in darker colours are excellent for such applications since they are easy to clean and do not immediately show stains. Light-coloured laminates can be used in locations with low traffic.

2.   Based on Budget:

Decorative laminates offer a wide choice of cost-effective options for giving your spaces the ideal look and feel at a fraction of the expense of real wood and marble. High-gloss laminates are more expensive than matte finish laminates, and the cost of laminates can also vary depending on the required qualities and quality. For example, decorative laminates used in the kitchen must be fire retardant because working with fire is a daily task in the kitchen. This can raise the cost of laminates, so make your choice accordingly.

3.   Based on Interior Theme:

Decorative laminate sheets, which come in a variety of textures, provide you with a lot of room to experiment with your designs. High gloss laminates complement contemporary themes, but historic patterns complement abstract decor ideas. You may also create a two-toned look by combining different patterns with solid colours. Colours and finishes should be chosen with the understanding that light colours tend to open up small spaces, whereas dark tones provide a pleasant and warm feeling.

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