An Overview of Army Interactive Electronic Technical Manual

Posted by Diane Smith on July 14th, 2021

The Army's Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) is a collection of interactive electronic technical manuals that provide the user with a quick, searchable, and easy-to-use reference. The IETMs are designed to be used in conjunction with other Army publications for all military personnel who require training on weapons, equipment, or systems.

The IETMs are built using PowerPoint and designed to be used on the IETM army. The platform provides a single point of entry for all Active, Reserve, or National Guard Soldiers; DOD Civilian Employees; Federal Contractors performing work under contract with any Department within the Department of Defense.

The IETMs are broken down into six sections: Basic Weapons Systems; Individual Protective Equipment, Field Manuals, and Technical Manuals; Maintenance Information System (MIS); Army Publications Database (APD) Index of US ARMY Publications.

Who can use AITTM, and what are its uses in the military?

The IETM is designed for all military personnel who require training in weapons, equipment, or systems. The IETMs are used to improve the user's ability to learn and develop skills needed to operate Army materiel safely. They also help users understand how Army materiel works and its limitations so that they can make appropriate mission decisions based on this knowledge.

It should be noted that while these reference materials provide an overview of complex subjects, a detailed understanding of any given technology requires additional education beyond what is offered by these manuals. These documents do not replace required training provided through schools such as USASMA and AITP Courses at Service Schools like Fort Lee (Virginia), but rather offer supplemental information about topics related to their specialization and provide a quick reference for more detailed information.

Each manual is designed to be accessed on an individual basis, but they are also grouped into blocks of similar topics and technology that may help users who need everything in one place find what they need faster. Users can access the full text as well as highlights from each document by clicking through tabs within the database.

The Army's Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) is a new, interactive online resource that provides information for Soldiers and their Families on how to obtain services from the U.S. Army, including medical care at Military Treatment Facilities, as well as education assistance through Tuition Assistance or College Credit Plus; legal help with military justice matters such as appearance before courts-martial or administrative separation boards; financial aid in the form of GI Bill benefits, scholarships and grants; lodging accommodations when traveling on official orders; and other valuable resources like Soldier Rights Under Uniform Code of Military Justice.

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